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My Cultural Music Assignment

No description

Freda Danielson

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of My Cultural Music Assignment

MUSIC FROM SAMOA The "Pate" is a Samoan Drum that is played only for special occasions. It is mainly played by men. Women can play as well but stop when they get pregnant. The drum and drum sticks are made from wood. The patterns are carved by the same equipment that is used to draw a tattoo. To play the pate you mustn't hit too hard or else the drum will dent. If you hit the outer surface of the drum it will make a high pitched sound. Hit the middle and it will make a deep low sound. THE PATE THE SHELL The following song is called "O oe ole toa" which means "You are the leader" sung by Vaniah Toloa. This style is motivational Music. 1ST STYLE OF MUSIC Second Style ofMusic JEROME GREY The shell is an instrument played by men and women . It is played by blowing on the end like it is a trumpet. A mouth piece can be used but it is most likely not to be used. The following song is called " Teine Tama " which means " girl's and boy's sung by Zipso. This style of music is Romantic Hip hop. Jerome Grey sang one of the biggest songs in the history of Samoa which is called "We are Samoa". This song became an unofficial second national anthem for Samoa.
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