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The Golden Kite, the Silver Wind

Ray Bradbury

Ang Schumacher

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of The Golden Kite, the Silver Wind

The Golden Kite,
the Silver Wind Ray Bradbury Setting Where:
China Time:
Ancient Social/Historical:
Written during Cold War Mood:
Anger, Competitiveness Characters - Plot Exposition:
Mandarin learns other
town is changing wall Main Conflict: The Two
Towns Are Competing
Over Who Has The
Dominant Wall Shape Climax:The Point That the
Daughter Realizes Unity is the Answer Resolution:
Prosper, feel beautified
and protected by each other Suspense: The Time it Takes For the Daughter
To Realize That Unity is the Answer Sub Conflicts: The Town Doesn't Focus on What
Is Important to the Survival of the People Point of View:
Third Person Limited Protagonist:
Mandarin's Daughter Antagonist:
The Mandarins of the
two towns in conflict Does not describe characters directly
Mandarin-Flat Character
Leader Indirect Characterization:
Mandarin's Daughter-
"...said a whisper like
a snowflake..."
"...said the whisper that was like a falling drop of rain..." Feelings About Characters:
Daughter: smart
Mandarin: stubborn,
misguided Changes In The Protagonist:
The Mandarin's Daughter realizes
the two towns should
live in unity and peace. Tone: Style Sentences:
The Sentences Flow Together Word Choice:
vile, ravenous,
spurn, portents,
omens,and pandemonium Irony: Symbolism Walls- Weapons Cold War Wind/Kite- Unity Towns-US &Soviet Union Mandarin- President Messenger- Spies Mandarin's Daughter- Knowledge Situational:The Two Cities Competed Over the Shapes of Their Walls Instead of Wealth or Image Attitidinal:The Mandarin's Daughter has More Power Than the Mandarin when it should be the Other Way Around Dramatic:None Verbal:None Imagery:
Sense Appealed to Most-Sight
Explanation of the
Shapes of the Walls Theme Subject of the Story:It's Easier to Work
Together Instead of Against Each Other What the Author Says
About Subject: Agrees Moral: It's Easier to Have
Friends Instead of Enemies Silk Screen-Solution Author thinks Cold War is pointless About the Author:
Born- August 22, 1920
Died- June 5, 2012 End The Analysis by:
Brett Muzzy
Evan Orre
Angela Schumacher
Sarah Strasser . He, She, They, Never I Don't know feelings of all characters
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