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Cyber Bulling

No description

Meghan Folkening

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Cyber Bulling

Cyber Stalking: Steps should be known school wide
Its a single moment
Never respond
Report it to an adult CYBER BULLYING The Never Ending Story Cyber bullying and Cyber Stalking Statistics Amanda Todd's
Story Solutions School-Wide Contracts Problems
Lawsuits Students Need to
Know What to Do The Difference Cyber Bullying: *Defined as an interaction between minors using the internet, cell phones, or any type of technology

*similar to traditional stalking except with electronic means such as blogs, chat rooms, emails, and any type of social networking site.

*The stalker wants to control the victim's life & activities

*When an adult becomes involved, it becomes cyber stalking. *Cyber bullying cannot be escaped. The child becomes a victim in their own home. *Can also include identity theft Currently, 47 states have laws against cyber stalking In 2008, many states also passed strong cyber bullying laws such as the Megan Meier law. Cyber bullying or agression affects 32% of teens in the US Approximately 160,000 students, in the US,
skip school to avoid being bullied More than 4,000 teen suicides occur in the Us; research has shown a significant amount is do to bullying 25% of school age bullies end up with a criminal record by the age of thirty *Roughly 20-40% of stalking cases involve electronic communication Monitors all activity Students agree to all terms and consequences Prevention and saving time Cyber Bullying IS criminal behavior This video was made on
September 7, 2012 Amanda committed suicide
one month later, October 10, 2012. http://www.cyberbullying.us/resources.php www.grindonline.com.au http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2012/08/22/163153/as-school-year-starts-states-tackle.html By Meghan, Rachel, & Sydney
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