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Elon Musk: Transformational Leader

No description

Randy Depew

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Elon Musk: Transformational Leader

Transformational Leader
Elon Musk
A Reflective Leader...
A Visionary Leader...
Has a strong moral purpose with a strong understanding of their personal values.
Elon Musk has set out to develop sustainable and more efficient solutions to some of our plantes most difficult problems

Is clear about why they do what they do and can clearly communicate that to employees and customers.

Inspires action.
Musk's innovations forced Mercedes-Benz and GM to change and evolve in the products they produced.
Was awarded a NASA contract for private space travel for cargo shipments to the International Space Station.
A Team Builder...
Builds strong relationships
His main business partner is his brother
Forged a lasting relationship between Tesla and Mercedes-Benz
Worked with NASA to provide a more cost-efficient model for delivering cargo to the International Space Station
Pulls like minded (those with a shared vision) people together - Industry leading engineers, scientists, and designers
At SpaceX engineering, design and manufacturing are all under one roof, creating a strong team and a united vision.

Is able to manage their own emotions and those of their staff and customers
A Conscious Leader...
Is aware of what is challenging their organization
Person to person payments online
Sustainable energy consumption
Privatizing Space Travel

Is innovative in working towards solutions
Pay Pal
Tesla Model S sedan
Nasa contract after 4 failed launches and rescuing company with his own money.

Sees what is possible
Must be willing to reflect on what they want their organization to be and what his or her own role within the organization will be.
Saw the injustice of Apartheid in South Africa and left to come to the US
Set out to transform the financial industry, energy creation and consumption, and space travel.
As a result he created Pay Pal, Solar City and Tesla, and Space X.

Must be able to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and be willing to grow in each of those areas.
A Proactive Leader...
Takes Risks
Left South Africa to escape serving in Army because of Apartheid with a dollar to his name
Dropped out of Stanford to start a company
Invested $70 Million of own money into Tesla to save the company "with an act of heroism that is hard to describe"
Used $20 Million to fund the 4th launch of SpaceX (after 3 failed attempts and bankruptcy closing in). After a successful launch, NASA awards $1.6B contract.
Challenged the US financial industry, the global auto industry, and NASA
Proactive vs. Responsive
Recognized the financial market was crashing and anticpated future changes to the auto-industry
Saw that space travel was expensive and inefficient and created a company to privatize it
Challenges the status quo
The Real Iron Man
A Transformational Leader
Elon Musk exhibits the qualities of a transformational leader.
He is not consumed/obsessed with power or wealth
He takes bold steps to follow and achieve his personal values and purpose
He believes in the people around him and assembles strong, teams dedicated to his vision.
He has never settled for anything but the achievement of his goals and is willing to personally finance his projects to do it.
He has consistently created companies that have changed the world for the better.
Emigrated from South Africa to Canada at 18 to avoid conscription in Military that supported Apartheid
Attended Stanford graduate school but, unchallenged, never went to class
Sold his first company, a precursor to online yellow pages, called Zip2 in 1999 at age 28 for $307Million
Started PayPal with the vision of disrupting and transforming the financial industry. Sold PayPal for $1.5 Billion
Elon Musk: The Real Iron Man - youtube.com/watch?v=KYaMa0OszDc
Elon Musk Profiled: Bloomberg Risk Takers - http://www.bloomberg.com/video/73460184-elon-musk-profiled-bloomberg-risk-takers.html
10 Questions for Elon Musk - youtube.com/watch?v=UwT3Y0lkYaQ
Bob Lutz and Elon Musk - youtube.com/watch?v=_ge_CN0-ZRs

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