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Shapes and Lines Around Us

H. Geometry Malec Project 1

Alyssa Fischer

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Shapes and Lines Around Us

SHAPES AND LINES AROUND US By Alyssa Fischer This piece of pizza has an acute angle. Pizza There are two lines intersecting at this angle. Cell Phones This cell phone has 4 right angles and two sets of parallel lines. Spider Web This particular spider web has an obtuse angle. Logs These logs are line segments. They start at one point and end at another. Sidewalks The sidewalk has perpendicular lines. The shaded part is also a quadrilateral. Church The church has skewed lines. There is also a triangle. (the green) Pocket
Watch The pocket watch has a straight angle, with this watch, at 6 o'clock. Pyramids At the vertexes of the pyramids, all of the anlges that meet there are congruent. Buildings The corner of this building bisects the floors. On the Computer Here these two angles share a side so they are adjacent. Ceiling Tiles These two angles add up to 180 degrees, so they are supplementary. This Digital Clock The two spaces that the month and day are in are complimentary because they make up 90 degrees. Signs Whatever two points you choose within this sign, the line connecting them will always be inside the sign. Spiral Galaxies If these two points made a segment, the segment will be partially out of the galaxy. Soccer Ball The spots on the soccer ball are pentagons. (out of galaxy) Bee Hives The honey comb is shaped as hexagons. A British Coin Britian's 50 pence coin has 7 sides like a heptagon, but it is a little rounded at the corners. Stop Signs Stop signs are octagons because they have 8 sides. Glasses This glass has 9 sides like a nonagon. Pitchers This pitcher is a decagon because it has 10 sides. Rings This ring is an example of a n-gon, which is an octagon, but also known as an 8-gon. The End!
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