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'Bring Yer Wellies' - The Story So Far

No description

Melissa Peter

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of 'Bring Yer Wellies' - The Story So Far

The Beach & The Toilets
A Beach in a Greenhouse! Bizarre, unique and very different!
The Fun Vegetable Garden
We're planning on planting the unusual, to really capture the children's curiosity & imagination!
The Amphibian Pond
Build It, and they will come!
The Pirate Pond - aharrrrgh !!
The Design
Now to start attracting the frogs
They Made It Their Home
They left their calling card
Work commenced on transforming the greenhouse to a place where children could come and learn about planting and growing
The Greenhouse
Building & Design
The beds are marked out
Some Quirky Rewards & All Organic
Colourful and Bonkers Veg
The mighty black radish
Some of our visitors so far
Lots of Fun Activities
birthday parties
Learning & Playing
birthday parties
It's Fun & Educational
We want dads to REALLY JOIN IN, so out come the stocks!
and some of our residents
Ricky & Barney chilling out and catching up in between parties
Whatever the Weather

The concrete floor is laid, so wheelchair access throughout
The old floor is dug up, all 80ft!
The new roof is fitted
Sometime later we're ready for off!
Our very first customer
The children enjoy having their own workstations
and learning to be independent
The footings are poured
Slab support walls are built
Slab laid & toilet walls going up with Fergus in charge
Hoorah - toilet walls completed
20 tonnes of St Annes sand arrives
The beach, complete with deckchairs, bunting & tractor tyres planted with herbs
They're off on a treasure hunt!
Half round posts are driven in to form raised beds
Then to cut to height
Soil driven in on 'the 'trumper'' (a cross between a tractor and a dumper)!
Beds ready for planting
The growing season has started
Proud boy,
Inspection time - looks like they're ready for planting out
Welly shaped radishes???
Creative carrots
Zucchini, Squash Turban & Round Yellow Cucumbers
The joy of the first dig
Chard, Beans, Onions, Garlic, Cauliflower & Fennel, too much to carry!
Juicy round cucumbers ripening in the greenhouse
Choosing the plot
Digging out
It's time for the liner
The fun part, filling & fettling!
They're not attracted to it yet
Still not appealing enough for them
Getting there
They're here now
and they grew
and the froglets grew
Great pond dipping for the beavers
And the frogs make an appearance for birthday parties too
Cheeky munchkins finding a new use for plant pots
Washing day for the children's aprons
Dad, really joining in, the apron didn't fit but he made sure the sun visor did!
The Belarusian children from the Medicine & Chernobyl charity with Jane from Fired 4 U and their beautifully painted pots
It all started off with a game for the children, then the dads got ultra competitive!
Learning to help each other
Children enjoying themselves, using their imagination & dam building skills
How's your onions? We've been learning about roots
A reflective moment
Making felt fairy wands

A party for wizards, with a few magic tricks to astonish & surprise!
The thrill of hiding in a den that you've built yourself
Great to see families working together, (making the children do all the running around!) during team building activities
Good old fashioned tug of war!
We're learning about worms & composting
We're in the enchanted wood in search of the Magic Faraway Tree
On the hunt for mini-beasts & we weren't disappointed
Stunt Squirrel - no mission impossible
Woody Woodpecker
Mrs Duck who lives on the pirate pond
Our giant south African snail sometimes makes a special appearance
Resident Pheasants
Whatever the Season
You'll have a good time!
To all our Friends and Family who've helped us so far! The adventure is just beginning! Happy Days & Exciting Times
Nigel & Melissa Peter
'Bring Yer Wellies'
Ricroft Nurseries
Quaker Brook Lane
01254 852723

@bring_wellies (twitter)
school visits
birthday parties
beavers & brownies
outdoor learning
school visits
Rural Outdoor Education
for Birthday Parties
for Primary School Visits
for families
for beavers & brownies
Pond Maintenance
Still looking for pirates
They've found the pirate
No sign of a pirate boat
'Bring Yer Wellies'
Rural Outdoor Education
The Story So Far

Roses are Red
The sky is blue
There's nothing like horse poo
For saying 'thankyou' !
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