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My First Prezi

My first attempt at creating a Prezi Lets talk about basic immunology

Robert Oates

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of My First Prezi

Dendritic Cells T-Cells Tissue Signals PAMP Danger Safe Signatures of pathogens Secondary evidence of damage Inhibitory Signal to prevent unwanted responses Foreign protein in the gut Immature Dendritic Cells The starting state of the cell Semi-Mature Mature Caused by a greater concentration of Safe than Danger or PAMP Inhibitory Effect on T-Cells Caused by PAMP and Danger overwhelming the effects of Safe Excitatory effect on T-Cells Antigen Signature of a specific pathogen The actors of the immune response Keyed on antigen T-Cells with affinity for the body are removed by negative selections No T-Cell with affinity for sampled antigen means no response Image Taken From Wikipedia Tiny Youtube video Image taken from Wikipedia
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