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Research question

No description

alyssa sadowski

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of Research question

Passion Project
How moving affects
Scientist found that moving repetitively affects behavior also because the child is used to certain locations and certain people and when they leave them it can make them unsocial and lose obedience. A study has been found that if children move quite a bit before age 18 they are more likely to use illegal drugs because of all the stress. Parents often wait till the last minute to tell their childern that they are moving which interrupts the ability for the children to say their goodbyes to their friends and family. Children are often very badly affected by this

How does moving multiple times in childhood affect children and families?

Quote and Book
“But they're my three best friends for life.” Said Bruno
not wanting to move and leave his friends.'(41)

How moving affects parents.
Parents often feel bad because there child is dis behaving this tends to make parents feel like they aren't parenting right. When a child loses its obedience the parent might get frustrated this often leads to suicide, suicidal thought etc. The parents also can be happy because its a new environment and its a change and changes are good for the mind. But these feelings could change because of the childrens behavior.
"Moving Is Tough for Kids." Psychology Today. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Feb. 2017.

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Moving frequently is tough on kids and interferes with important relationships. Also when adults move very often it can tend to make kids not want to commit to a friendship because they know they are gonna move soon and won't see each other often again. Moving place to place all the time also affects obedience because switching schools often can make kids fall behind which can affect college and college can effect getting good jobs and having a good life. Middle school seems to be the toughest times because that's usually when kids go through puberty. Puberty can affect behavior and with moving and puberty there is a lot of crankiness through out everyone because when one person's angry it can tend to make others angry.

By Alyssa and Johana
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