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Cat Reed- Nowhere to Call Home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Cat Reed- Nowhere to Call Home

Cat Reed- Nowhere to Call Home Timeline
Chapters Two-Three
Chapters Six-Seven
Chapters Eight-Ten
Once she finally made it into a boxcar, she found herself playing the harmonica her father disapproved of.
Stewpot, her companion, make their way to the "jungle" so they can bathe in the water and find someplace to camp out.
They began to walk and came upon five hobos, 3 boys and 2 girls, "frills"
Frankie was surprised that they girls didn't disguise themselves.
Frankie began to get upset at the thought of her believing that she could have been herself, she also seen the way the frills were treated and had a sigh of relief that she did disguise herself.
Chapter One
Frances was awaken by a familiar noise she couldn't quite make out, but it was loud enough to wake up the whole household.
The noise, that woke them up, was a gunshot.
The gunshot echoed from Frances fathers room.
The ambulance and policed closed the case as suicide.
Frances father committed suicide because they were in the Depression and he had lost all of savings and people began to look at him for money help, he couldn't handle.
Several business men killed themselves because of this.
Chapters Four-Five
Chapters Eleven-Thirteen
When Frances goes downstairs the next morning, she realizes that her father is actually gone.
Breakfast went by real fast, it was really quite though.
Everything seems real different without father.
Nobody, gardener, maid, chefs, etc had nowhere to go, simply, they had no place to call home.
Junius talks about how he wants to run off on an "adventure."
When Frances hears the word adventure she finds herself obsessed with wanting to ask Junius more information about it.
Frances inquired more questions about hoboing.
Junius influenced her to give Chicago a chance, and he would come and visit her every now and then.
Junius, besides father, was one of the closest people in that house to her.
Frances packs and leaves the next morning, she was to take only what she felt like she would need, everything else, gone.
Frances arrives to the train station, she tricks the man into switching her trains. He tells her to make sure she informs an adult.
Once she gets into the cab, she waits until the cabbie isn't paying attention and she jumps out and runs, doesn't stop until she ran four blocks. She finds herself in front of a clothes shop, for men.
Frances entered a shop, for men, and bought enough clothes to keep her warm.
After, she heads out to the freight yard, shes in Philadelphia.
Once shes out there she finds herself wondering around, like a lost puppy.
A guard informs her not to be out here its not safe for little girls, and to get home.
She chops off her hair, tucking the remains of her old self into the hat.
She felt like a whole new person, she felt like a hobo.
Red, and his bunch stole valuables from Frankie's bag when she was sleeping.
Dot and the others were getting really close to figuring out that Frankie was actually a girl, wealthy, and chose to be out there boeing.
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