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New and improved gun laws

No description

Cody Coursey

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of New and improved gun laws

New and improved gun laws!
The second amendment
There has been many gun incidents
in the recent time and people are reconsidering to rewrite the second amendment or add more restrictions.
We know we should have more restrictions on guns and prevent the causes of more incidents such as the Navy Ship Yard.
The first big restriction we thought of is to ban all military type guns that includes automatics
You need to have a background check to see if you have committed any crimes, and a mental check to determine if you are in good mental health.

You need to pass both tests to get a gun License to be able to buy a gun.
The second big restriction
we thought of was caliber
size is .20 to .35 tops.
For the Military type weapons you need
to have a federal and military government
to be able to get military weapons .
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