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Lesson Planning

No description

monique van poelwijk

on 13 July 2016

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Transcript of Lesson Planning

Lesson planning
useful or not?
Have you identified my aim(-s) for this lesson?
Types of lesson planning
Formal lesson planning
'Hurried' notes
On topics: e.g. grammar, skills, holiday based, conversation topic etc.
Lesson plans in a sequence; curriculum for a term or school year
Most important step first
The aim of for your lesson
What do you want your students
to able to do at the end of the lesson?

Keys to Lesson Planning
Thank you!
Travel to your past
and look for the teacher you liked.
What did this teacher do to make you like her or him?
do you think this teacher planned lessons?
Do you plan your lessons?
Why do you plan your lessons?
Which key elements do you plan for?
Work in a group of 4 to find answers to these questions.
Fundamental questions to answer in your lesson plan.
Who exactly are your students?
What do we want to do and why?
How long will it take?
How does it work?
What will be needed?
What might go wrong?
How will it fit in with what comes before and after it?
Writing the aim and sub-aims of your lesson
Choose the right activities
to reach your aims.
A beginning teacher's guide to TEFL, page 5
Write one aim for a lesson you regularly teach.
Choose an activity which will reach your aim.
Lesson plan format LI CMU
7 steps
1. Aim
2. Sub-aim
3. Anticipated problems and solutions
4. Choosing a warmer
5. Timing
6. Interaction
7. Target Language/grammar point.

Can you tell me which activities were used to reach the(-se) aim(-s)?
What is your aim for this lesson?
Did this lesson contribute to your aim for this class?
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