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What do scientist do?

No description

Ximena Melo

on 22 August 2016

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Transcript of What do scientist do?

Solve the question
Analyze page 324
Problems, decisions and new ideas. Page 323
What two steps do scientist take to better understand the world?
Science can help you make good decisions. What is one question you can ask that scientific investigations can help you to answer?

They define a problem and they try to find answers

How much exercise does my body need to keep healthy?
Scientific research and knowledge
After defining a problem to research, what is the next step in an investigation?
What kind of materials must scientists use to carry out a research?
Name some examples of appropriate reference materials
Predict and make hypotheses
Why does the scientist think water pollution will decrease the manatee population?
If you did not want the manatee population to decrease, what hypothesis can you make?
Find the definition
Answer the compose question

What do scientists do?
Complete the text feature chart
Make Observations
What is an observation?
What do scientists do with the information they gather from their observations?

What are some tools scientists use to make observations?

Give an example of an observation you can make with your sense of hearing

Solve the
Draw conclusions
What is the tool scientists use to draw conclusions?

Solve the
question page 327
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