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Vera Rubin

No description

alexia estrada

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Vera Rubin

In 1993 Fritz Zwicky had analyzed the Doppler velocities of whole galaxies in the Coma cluster
He had found that the individual galaxies within the cluster were moving so fast that they would escape if the cluster were held together only by the gravity of its visible mass, since the cluster showed no signs of flying apart he concluded that it had to contain "dark matter" about 10 times more than visible matter to hold it together
Rubin had realized that she had discovered compelling advice for Zwicky's dark matter
Vera Rubin is credited with the discovery of dark matter which was one of the most important milestones in the history of understanding space
Was elected to the National Academy of Sciences as only the third female astronomer
Was eventually awarded the National Medal of Science, America's most prestigious scientific accolade.
Rubin teamed up with astronomer Kent Ford & began making Doppler observations of the orbital speeds of spiral galaxies
They unexpectedly discovered that stars far out from the centers of galaxies in the outer regions were moving just as fast as those closer in
It was odd because the visible mass of a galaxy doesn't have enough gravity to hold such fast moving stars
They studied about 60 more spiral galaxies and found the same thing
Rubin's calculations showed that galaxies must contain about 10 times as much "dark" mass as can be accounted for by the visible stars.
Born on July 23, 1928
Attended Vassar, a prestigious womens college
Graduated in 1948 as the only astronomy major in her class
Applied to Princeton's graduate school but was denied b/c they didnt accept women in their astronomy program
Attended Cornell & then went on to Georgetown University to earn her Ph. D
Vera Rubin
What University did Rubin get rejected because they didn't accept women?
A. Georgetown University
B. Harvard
C. Princeton
Rubin's calculations showed that galaxies must contain about ____ times as much "dark" mass as can be accounted for by the visible stars.
A. 5 times
B. 10 times
C. 15 times
D. 3 times
Rubin is credited with discovering _____
A. Black holes
B. Coma cluster
C. Dark matter
D. Foreign galaxy
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