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Wave Interference

No description

Marissa Sandoval

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of Wave Interference

Wave Interference
On the pattern of a wave, there are points along the medium that are standing still/not showing movement. These that show no displacement are known as
What is Wave Interference?
Wave Interference is the occurrence when two waves come together (meet) while traveling along the same medium.

Constructive Interference
Constructive Interference is a type of interference that happens at any place on the medium where two intersecting waves have a movement in the same direction.
Anti Nodes
The other points that appear on the wave are called
Anti Nodes.

This part of the wave undergos vibrations between positive and negative displacement. These points are opposite of nodes.
Example of
Wave Inferences:
Destructive Interference
Destructive Inference is a type of inference that happens at any place along the medium where the two interfering waves have a movement in the opposite direction
Drop a stone into a pond,
watch how the waves ripple.
While the first wave is still
rippling, drop another stone
close to where the first one
was dropped. Now there are two
surface waves colliding and
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