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BNI 10min 04/14

No description

Dan Winning

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of BNI 10min 04/14

Centrica - Offshore Europe 2013
Centrica - Offshore Europe 2013
Centrica - Offshore Europe 2013
Alderney Gambling - EiG 2013
Alderney Gambling - ICE 2014
Inspired Gaming - ICE 2014
Inspired Gaming - ICE 2014
British Land - BCSC 2013
British Land - BCSC 2012
British Land - BCSC 2011
World Energy Summit - Abu Dhabi 2011
Yoo Interior Design - MIPIM 2012
Yoo Interior Design - MIPIM 2012
Permanent Installations
Mercedes Gullwing Restaurant - 2012
Mercedes Gullwing Restaurant - 2012
Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Centre - Doha, Qatar 2011
Mercedes 'Driven' Visitor Experience - 2012
Mercedes 'Driven' Visitor Experience - 2012
Retail Fit-outs
Lakeland Store Roll-out - Dubai
Lakeland Store Roll-out - Oman
Marketing Suites
Paynes & Borthwick Marketing Suite SE8 London 2013
Greenwich SQ Marketing Suite - 2013
Mercedes Benz A-Class Launch UK
Mercedes Benz A-Class Launch UK 2012
Mercedes Benz A-Class Launch UK - 2012
Mercedes Benz A-Class Launch UK - 2012
Why Collins Winning?
* We offer a unique combination of skills & experiences; Paul's practical perspective means that while others are led, we lead the planning process with contractors. Dan's branding & marketing background anchors all projects to the needs & commercial objectives of our clients, these combine to ensure that our clients achieve the best possible outcomes
* We have the capability to deliver full turn-key design solutions; we submit all administrative paperwork, liaise with third party suppliers and provide comprehensive on-site support
* Since our creation in 2010, we have never lost a client; this is testament to our ability to work in partnership with our clients
* We understand the importance of successfully engaging with delegates in a highly competitive and intense commercial environment
* We are always willing to explore new technologies, concepts and practices that may help to enahnce our clients' exhibition presence.
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