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Marketing and Communications

No description

Christine Ng

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Marketing and Communications


is responsible for the communication and implementation of the
AIESEC brand experience
in Cardiff University and those within the Wales area. For many students, you will be the first impression that they will ever have AIESEC.
Unleash your creativity and organizational skills in planning and running on campus events as well as viral campaigns through social media.

Especially you are the
face of AIESEC
at the university, you represent what AIESEC values and what AIESEC aim to achieve.
Role of MaC
Brand management
Educate individuals on working knowledge of what the organisation is about (have them on a hook)
- Ensuring the consistency of the AIESEC branding across all the different entities

Programme marketing
- Together with oGCDP and TM, develop a Programme Packaging (new posters, material, flyers etc.)
- Select the Communication Channel which AIESEC can connect to the relevant audience
- Execute events and occasions which inevitably no only gets AIESEC’s name out there but also sell AIESEC’s Programs
- Organise and search for different opportunities that AIESEC can be a part of (etc competition or events)

Job Description
AIESEC gmail
: cardiff@aiesec.co.uk
On top of that..
Marketing and Communications

Sales Tracking
myAIESEC.net :
Aiesec UK information
Growing LC
Connections with careers department
Man-power within MaC
Irregularity and un-alignment of social media
Unclear between GCDP and J2L (previous year)
SU and Gair Rhydd- Advertisement
Collaboration with other societes
Time Management
"Where these functions are now…
Where these functions could be with MaC"
Job Description
Virtual communication channels development

- Develop and Manage the Cardiff section of the Website to ensure 24 hours valid exposure and accessibility of AIESEC Cardiff’s information and activities

- Frequent update on the Social Media to increase our virtual engagement with relevant stakeholders

- Reply messages and requests received through our virtual platforms

- You are the LCs personal/professional Photographer - Take pictures of everything and anything!
Virtual Engagement
Number of Facebook likes (analytics)
Number of Followers (on Twitter, Instagram)
Number of Views (on videos, Blogs etc. )
Physical Engagement
Number of people at events
Number of people engaged in marketing activities
Brand Management
Number of People applying for AIESEC’s ELD Programme (GoGlobal/TMP)
Number of People registering through the Online Registration System
Sponsorship deals
What to Expect?

1. Fun and Interest marketing push
2. Event planning
3. Organizing Youth2Leadership
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