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No description

Kyu-hong Lee

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Ssol

After a week of skiing with his friends

my husband, Kip, thought the perfect ending would be a group photo in the lodge. 주어의 바로 찾기.
his friends, my husband, Kip
그의 친구를 단순히 내 남편으로 보는경우가 있다.
복수형 접미사의 유무로 간단히 확인이 되지만
독해중 안되는경우가 있으므로 주의하도록 한다. 주어에 대한 설명을 하는방법
1. 관계대명사의 이용- who, which, that
Kip who is my husband thinks~

2. ,의 이용

3. that 의 이용
Kip that he is my husband thinks He held out his camera to a man sitting nearby. “Excuse me, would you mind?” sitting 은 a man을 수식하는 현재분사로써 쓰여 있다.

주의===>분사는 형용사역할// 분사구문은 부사역할 현재분사-
동사원형 + ing

「~하고 있는」
「~하게 하는, 시키는」 과거분사- 동사원형 + ed
불규칙동사의 과거분사
자동사⇒완료상태:「~한, ~해 버린」
타동사⇒수동:「~되어진, 당한」
having + p.p.
단순형분사보다 하나 앞선 시제의의미를 나타냄 “Excuse me, would you mind?”
he asked.
The man seemed cautious,
but Kip kept after him. “It’s easy. Just look through here and push this button.” Then Kip showed him how to frame the picture. After the fellow took the shot,
the manager ran over.

“Don’t you think that was a little insulting?” Grammar In Reading hold out- 내밀다. comparable // comparative
considerable // considerate
credible // credulous
economic // economical
industrial // industiious
classic // classical
sensitive // sensible // sensual insult
libel "Not at all," Kip answered. "He didn't seem to know much about taking pictures."
"Oh, really?" said the manager. Oh, really? said the manager. "That was Steven Spielberg."
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