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Relationship between Ernest J Gaines and A Lesson before Dying

This shows the relationship between the author Ernest J. Gaines and his book A Lesson before Dying

Charity Humphreys

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Relationship between Ernest J Gaines and A Lesson before Dying

Relationships between the life of
Ernest J. Gaines and A Lesson before Dying.
A Lesson Before Dying Setting is in Louisiana on a plantation and in the town of Bayonne
School is held in a church with one room
The black schools are not treated as equally as the white schools
People live in the old slave quarters that have been added on
Grant is a teacher on the plantation where he grew up for most of his life
Grant's aunt raised him after his parents split up

Gaines grew up on the River Lake Plantation in the small town of Oscar in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana
Five generation of his family grew up on that plantation liviing in old slave quarters
His aunt whom is a paraplegic raised him and his siblings after their parents split up
He attended school for six years in the one roomed church school building
Gaines later on becaume a teacher
Ernest J. Gaines
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