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Science Electrical Work

No description

Connor Whyte

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Science Electrical Work

Science Electrical Work
My Drawing/Theory Will Include
The circuit will have a bubble machines,smoke machine, spot light and which will run by a battery connecting to some wires that will connect the switch and some more wires into the machine's.
Here Is My Stage Setting/Circuit
How To Make A Circuit
To make a circuit you will first need a switch, a light bolb, wires and a battery. The way we are going to do ours is by drawing it in our book and testing our theory.
What We Are Doing
What We are doing is creating a circuit for a stage. We have to draw it and then photocopy it into a tutorial/ presentation.
Thank you for watching my tutorial. I hope you liked it.
How My Drawing Works
It works by everything being connected to the battery that is connected to the switch and if the switch is closed it will run the item.
What A Circuit Is and How It Works
A circuit is a way that anything electronic works.A circuit has different items to make it work and without some items it wont work. Inside a circuit there is tiny electrons and they move around when the switch is closed but when it's open the electrons will stop.
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