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Italian Canadian

No description

directioner shaikh

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Italian Canadian


When they first came they loved loved to grow there own crops like vegetable that are carrots , tomato, potato,olive . They made there own oil out of olive. Italian were and still are famous for there saffron. The mothers really loved to make there own pasta. Mostly they ate wheat bread,For breakfast with there hot olive oil on top.
There lots
Italians are all over Canada there are 20% Italians in Canada right now There are many famous Italians canadian Like Rick Campanelli Lvana Santilli
A Little About
When they came
1880-1914 italians came to Canada in groups of big numbers for the first time . While war 1 most of the italians were sent to south America or USA . Italians can be coming from many places some come from Northen Europe . They come to stay in forms or pariries . Most Italian are found in the course of constructor
Daily Life
The italians mother had the most important job she cooked for everyone if she had sons she had to take care of them. She would have to clean up the house . The daughter would help the mom. The father would go hunting and would do the grading. The son would help who ever needs help.

It is in the content of Europe . It has a pouplation of 61.3 million people . It is known for its tasty pizza
and its lining tower

Why They Came
At the time of war there weren't that many good jobs. But even in genral there not that good jobs . May be that's one of the reasons . However the disaster was really bad caused by war. The freedom they would get in
wouldn't be the same in
. Mostly
are christians and
is an multicultural country . Those could have been some of the reasons .



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