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Ashfall by Mike Mullin

No description

Tierra Kimble

on 15 August 2015

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Transcript of Ashfall by Mike Mullin

Alex, the main character travels from Cedar Falls, Iowa to Illionois.
The setting of this story takes place in the 21century during/after the eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano.
Because the super volcano erupted the setting of the story becomes dark during the day, snow during the summer, and has frequent ash storms.
The setting affects the plot because through out the story there are several ash and snow storms.These storms bring on famine, hypothermia,and sickness, which all interfere with Alex's goal to find his family.

Man vs Man
Target gets upset after Alex turns down his offer to be in his "crew". As Alex tries to walk away, Target begins to try to strike him.
“I’ve got to keep heading east. I’m trying to find my family.” “You’re Target’s family now.” Target’s family? “Thanks but—” “Are you dissing me? Nobody disses Target. Ask anyone from Anamosa, if you’re in Target’s crew, you’re golden. You diss Target’s crew, there’s blood on the floor. That’s how it is.” pg 85
"I started to take another step backward and his hand moved, quick as a snake, and grabbed my staff. I managed to hold onto it, but God, the guy was strong. He whipped the staff to the right, spinning me around." pg 86
Personal Reaction
Asfall is a very exciting and riveting book. Mike Mullin uses figurative language, descriptive words, and realism to create a very vivid image in the reader's mind.As the reader this is great because it allows me to be able to clearly understand what is happening. During the first scene, where Alex encounters the eruption at his house,Mullin does a great job of describing the scene."I slammed my hand back against the wall, locked my elbow, and shoved with my feet—hard. The obstacle shifted slightly. I bellowed and bore down on it, trying to snap my knees straight." (Pg 10) Through Mullin's writing I was able to understand how Alex tried to escape from the desk trapping him. Another thing that I liked about the book is that it is relatable to teenagers. Towards the end of the story Alex finds his uncle's house. Along the journey Alex had gotten use to sleeping with Darla for body heat and because there wasn't a lot of space. So, when they arrive at Alex's uncles house he feels constricted and misunderstood becuse his unvle won't allow them to sleep together. I think this is relatable to teens because many times teens feel like their parents and family members are holding them back or not letting them do the things that they want.
Main characters: Alex Halprin, Darla Edmunds
Protagonist: Alex is the protagonist beacuse he is the leading character through out the book. The plot of the story is that Alex wants to find his family after the eruption.
"But I’d made a promise to myself before I‘d left Cedar Falls: not just to get to Warren, but to find my family. A promise I planned to honor." pg 304
This quote shows that Alex is the protagonist becuase it shows that he will stop at nothing to find his family.This shows that he is heroic.

by Mike Mullin
Author: Mike Mullin
Date of Publication: 2010
Genre: Science Fiction, Realistic fiction

Tierra Kimble
Ms. Hill
9th grade giftedLA P5
13 August 2015
Man vs Nature
The eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano causes conflict for Alex because he must endure the after affects of the eruption. These after affects include cold weather causing hypothermia, famine, and a higher chance of Silicosis that is brought on by the ash.(lung fibrosis caused by the inhalation of dust containing silica.)
“The eruption dumped more than a foot of ash in northeast Nebraska, about a thousand miles from the volcano. The animals living there breathed in the ash and got sick with silicosis, a lung disease. Symptoms include high fever, respiratory distress, and unusual porous deposits on bones." pg 133
Man vs himself
Alex has conflict with himself when he couldn't decide wheather to leave Darla in Worthington or to take her with him. He knew that if he brought her she would have to face a lot of danger, but if she stayed she would be with people she knew and would be guarenteed safety.
"It felt wrong, somehow, to leave her there. I knew I’d miss her terribly. But my mind insisted it was right."pg 156
Man vs society
The FEMA camp is an example of Man vs Society. The camp was set up by the nation to help the citizens who were impacted by the eruption. But, instead they took all of Alex and Darla's meat and their weapons.
"Sure, some people might think we'd stolen the pork, but we'd worked hard butchering and roasting that pig. I'd never imagined that FEMA would make our food situation worse."pg 236
Literary Devices
"I hoped it was the volcano’s dying gasp and not a harbinger of more trouble to come." pg 135
This quote is an example of personification because it describes the volcano's rumbles as a gasp. This then gives the volcano a human like quality making it personification.
Protagonist: Alex Halprin, Darla Edmunds
Antagonist:Target, FEMA
Setting- Cedar Falls, Iowa to Illinois

Literary Devices

“Pour a little water in with them—we want about half brains and half water. Then stir it up really well. It should look about like a strawberry milkshake when you’re done.” pg 109
This quote is a simile because it compares the the consistency and color of a rabbits brain to a strawberry milkshake.
Literary Devices

"Now Id sell my right arm to a cannibal to aruge with mom again." pg 6
This quote is a hyperbole because Alex is exageraiting what he would to see his mom again.
Literary Devices

Rising Action
The Yellowstone super volcano erupts causing loud rumbles, dust, ash storms, and lightning.
Rising Action
Three guys (Baseball bat, Chain, Tire Iron) tried to attack Alex, Darren, and Joe while Alex was staying at their house.
Rising Action
Alex is lured by meat being cooked when he meets Target. Soon Target and Alex get into a grusome fight because Alex doesn't want to join Target's "crew".
Rising Action
Target comes back to avenge Alex for not joining his "crew". When Target finds Darla's house he rapes and kills Darla's mom.
Darla and Alex escape from the FEMA camp using a bulldozer that Darla stole.
Falling Action
Alex's uncle breaks his leg while trying to fix the greenhouse. Alex, Max, and Darla go to town to get the doctor.
Alex makes a promise to himself to go look for his parents if they do not return by spring.
The antagonist is the eruption itself along with its affects.The eruption is the antagonist because it interfers with Alex finding his family.When the volcano erupts it creates cold weather, ash, and dust.It also is the the source for most of the conflict between Alex and society. Everybody is trying to survive against the eruption and this then makes them turn on the people around them. The after affects of the eruption make it more difficult to surive for Alex in the midst of not knowing where is family is.
"People here had always been nice enough.But somehow the volcano had turned them into looters." pg 48

Irony: "It was disappointing to be left without some kind of warning, an admonition against wild parties and booze." pg 3
This irony because teens usually do not want their parents to give them a warning.
Target is one of the many people Alex meets on his journey but he soon becomes an antoagonist to Alex. Target tries to kill Alex after he rufuses to be in his crew.Then, because Alex exscapes the first time Target finds Darla's house and kills her mother.
As I slipped into the trees at the bottom of the slope, I faintly heard him yelling behind me, “I’ll find you, Alex. I’ll roast your heart. I’ll crack your nuts."pg 87
This quote shows that Target is the antagonist because it shows how hostile he was towards Alex.
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