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Properties of Water

No description

Chelsie Dolmat

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Properties of Water

Because Water is Polar
adhesion- water molecules stick to other materials
Salt Water
Salt in water comes from:
weathering of rocks on the land
from hydrothermal vents
underwater volcanoes
Other Water Properties
ice floats
Properties of Water
Water or H2O
Water is a polar molecule
When water molecules stick to each other
Salty Water
the concentration of salt in the water has been about the same for 1.5 billion years
the average salinity of seawater is 35ppt
Salts (Ions)
Water is found in all 3 states, solid, liquid, and gas
Surface Tension
water clumps rather than spreading out in a thin layer
Capillary Action
gives water the ability to go against gravity and up through small areas
High specific heat- can absorb a lot of heat before it begins to get hot
nearly a universal solvent
Layers of the Ocean
thermocline- layer that temperature rapidly decreases with depth
Halocline- layer that salinity increases rapidly with depth
Pycnocline- layer that density increases rapidly with depth
Chelsie Dolmat 1A
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