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From Slodic to Yourope: the importance of international projects to / in the school library

Crossing Borders Inside and Outside the Country

Maria Chaves

on 14 November 2017

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Transcript of From Slodic to Yourope: the importance of international projects to / in the school library

Who are we?

A group of schools with a strong IDENTITY, formed by:
- a main school (387 students aged 6 to 15)
- 8 kindergartens
- 9 primary schools
and 2 school libraries.



Project development

Digital and reading activities
- Promoting digital reading as well as traditional reading;

- Watching trailers/spots as brainstorming or motivation to the importance of reading, no matter where it holds;

- Reading and creating QR codes (i-nigma; delivr) – as another way of reading;

- Using playing apps (chess, paint, puzzles, …);

- Trying Portuguese, English and Maths learning tools;

Digital and reading activities
- Reading digital stories – 1st grades;

- Cooperative work through google docs - working out a Portuguese literary text - 9th grade;

- QR-codes exhibition and interchange with the Europeans partners;

- Peddy-paper using iPads and QR-codes (mobility to the Czech Republic);

- Creating digital stories (Storybird);

- Making short films (mobility to Iceland): https://slodic.wordpress.com/student-short-films/;

- Creating Comics in French and English (Makebeliefs);

- Creating/solving interactive tests, with immediate results (Socrative, Kahoot);

- Building a multicultural campaign called "Crossing Borders" (mobility to Denmark).

- Comenius Class from the 8th/9th grades
(22 pupils);

- Pupils with special educational needs, mainly Autism (15 pupils);

- Digital sessions with:
all 9th grade classes (about 60 pupils);
little children from the 3rd/4th grades in all schools (about 180 pupils);
children from 3 Kindergartens (60 pupils).

Cooperation between the two of us

We have different roles related to school libraries and live in different areas but we:

- always shared practical ideas and theoretical approaches by online contact (email, skype, google docs);

- maintained permanent contact during the mobilities;

- were supported by the "Reading Plus" team.

Establishing further links and dissemination

Main achievements

- Importance of the school libraries within the school as a whole;

- Students' level of enthusiasm with the new technologies;

- Renovation of the reading practices;

- Experimentation of interactive learning methodologies;

- Cooperation between the students and the teachers involved in the
Comenius project;

- Promotion of tolerance and multicultural acceptance;

- Learning foreign languages in a real and dynamic context.

Final Remarks

- Projects like these make the school library evolve

- They strengthen the role of the school library inside and outside the school;

- They contribute to the internationalization of your school;

- They challenge you in professional and personal terms.

Thank you for your attention,
Cláudia and Margarida

Digital and reading activities
Cláudia Mota
Margarida Chaves
National Merit Idea Project 2013-2015
Agrupamento de Colmeias
Cláudia and her school team - Contacts with:

the local network of school and public libraries;
the local University Library staff (IPL);
the City Council (Leiria);
touristic institutions, such as the Convent Library in Mafra and the bookshops in Óbidos (Comenius mobility to Portugal);
invitation to present the work done in regional and national cultural events.

Margarida and the teachers she coaches:

Contacts with the Fado Museum in Lisbon;
Partnership with the Technological Department of Universidade Nova;
Meeting discussions on the iPads' potential for teachers and non-teachers;
Training Courses for teacher librarians and their teams.

Yourope: You in Europe
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