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The common features of the Arabian Gulf People

No description

Pria Shiv

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of The common features of the Arabian Gulf People

The common features of the Arabian Gulf People
Objective : List the 4 common features

Customs and traditions
Response card 3 :
What is it that keeps the cordiality with the
neighboring countries ?

Role play by a group of students.

( 6 mins)
A quick recap of the features by one student from each group as they showcase their picture.
Do Now :
Having lived in UAE , what is it that makes you feel so much at home ?

( 3 mins )
Response Card : Read through descent and make 4 significant points
(2 mins)
Response Card 2 :

Does religion and Language play a major
role to unite Arabs?
Even after the discovery of OIL , these occupations are preserved.HOW?
Make an interesting drawing depicting the common features . Refer the video above.
(10 mins)
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