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Getting Things Done (EN)

Lecture about David Allen's GTD methodology

Aukje Johanna Jansen-Olthuis

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Getting Things Done (EN)

Getting Things Done
Clear mind, clear view, sense of control, productive and enjoy work
Weekly Review
New habits to adopt
Projects List
Waiting For List
Someday/Maybe List
Next Actions List(s)
Collect everything that has your attention and process regularly

Use flow chart (you'll know it by heart in a couple of days)

Make 4 lists (Someday/Maybe; Projects, Waiting For and Next Actions)

Only put physical actions you can see yourself doing on your Next Actions list

Categorize actions according to context/tool, time, priority and energy level

Use your calendar for day and time specific items only

Big rocks first and eat that frog

Review regularly
mind like water
David Allen (US)
Consider what holds you back from just doing it
Singletasking saves you tons of time
The best way to eat an elephant...
You'll work better with a clear mind
Focus on your desired outcome
Habits to break

Managing you inbox as if it is the emergency department

Keeping more than 10 e-mail folders


Marking messages as unread

Placing dams to prevent your work from flowing

Processing paper mail by opening the envelope, being disappointed, putting the letter back in and placing it on a stack with other unprocessed disappointing correspondence, important or not
Next Actions
GTD habits
Processing & Organising
Keep it flexible

Only day and time specific items

Travel time
And make sure there will always be sufficient time for your Next Actions and your GTD habits
Eat that frog
Big rocks first!
& Procrastination...
Give way to quadrant II
What is keeping you from just doing it?
Choose from your options according to circumstances

Getting your colleagues cups of coffee

Checking Facebook or Twitter or both

Washing and cleaning (specific for professionals working from home)

Doing what ever you are doing having this little voice in the back of your mind saying you should be doing something else
Een leeg hoofd werkt beter
The best way to eat an elephant...
Project block your Next Actions List(s)
The REAL next action
GTD habits
Get your 'in baskets' including e-mail inbox to zero on a daily basis
When processing, take enough time to finish the job
Start on top and work your way down to the bottom
Make a conscious decision on every separate item
Do not put any items back
What is my desired outcome?
What would be the first action I'd need to do to realize that outcome?
Next actions
Categorize them:
Context / tools
Energy level
i.e. facilitate yourself to make doing as easy as possible
How could I possibly manage over 100 Next Actions?
About once every 7-10 days

Schedule about 1 1/2 hours

Just do it, use a checklist to make it easier

This investment will change the way you experience work and life
Process any backlog stuff
Last weeks actions
Next weeks actions
20,000ft horizon
> 20,000ft horizons(optional)
Checklist Weekly Review
'I must remember to...'
by Aukje Johanna Jansen-Olthuis
5 Principles
GTD is about being clear about results and about spending time and addressing talent consciously. GTD supports managing results instead of paying your work force by the hour
GTD helps professionals structuring their work and information flow and prevents severe stress in this era of overload and overwhelm.
More and more people seek for fulfillment IN their jobs instead of in private life. GTD brings satisfaction to your work, because you can keep commitments
The New Way of Working
Because you'll meet any deadline you have committed to thanks to your GTD system, you will be a more trustworthy professional everyone wishes to collaborate with, especially in more informal and less hierarchical work culture
Needless to say: GTD works perfectly well in traditional office concepts and in your personal life
Mouse vs Keyboard Shortcuts
Dare to Delegate
'Am I the best person to complete this task?'

Make sure you write delegated tasks on your Waiting For List

Most people waste time and money not delegating
Projects List:

Write down your desired outcome instead of what needs to be done
'All things I'd like to get done in the near future'
Important checklist for your Weekly Review
Next Actions List(s):

Actual physical activities you can imagine yourself doing
The very next thing that needs to be done
This list determines your options throughout the day, (as well as your calendar)
Step 1: Imagine one of your toughest projects. One you've been procrastinating on, preferrably
Step 2: Visualise your desired outcome. When is this project done? When will you be satisfied?
Step 3: What is, as if you'd had nothing else to do, your very first physical action to reach your goal?
That will be a project

What is your desired outcome?
What will be your next action?
This makes doing recurring activities easier
Workshop checklist
Holiday checklist
Weekly Review Checklist
Projects List
Why would you file reference material?
Remove any obstacles that keep you from doing it right away
Sort alphabetically
Always have enough folders on stock
Use your favorite materials and colours
Keep it simple
No folders in folders in folders
Consciously name your files
Manage your drafts and versions
Horizons of Focus
Runway: Next actions
10,000 ft: Projects
20,000 ft: Areas of focus and responsibilities
30,000 ft: Goals and objectives 1-2 years
40,000 ft: Vision on your life in 3-5 years
50,000 ft: Core values and life purpose
If your runway is not clear, you can not take off
Parkinson's Law
100% completeness = trustworthy and motivating

90% completeness = 10% uncertain so you will not bother
what is my desired outcome?
Now your life may change considerably:

You will enjoy an empty inbox every day

You will not miss any deadline ever again, nor will you suffer from insomnia caused by trying to remember...

You will experience a sense of control over your life

You may even experience a mind like water. Effortlessly changing priorities whenever necessary
GTD fully supports Activity Based Working
Problems solved by GTD:
You'll choose to spend your time on what gives you the highest possible pay-off in that moment

You'll be focused on one cognitive task at a time. You'll learn to eliminate distractions

You are confident and clear about everything you are not doing

You'll move your projects forward until closure and beat procrastination
Three-fold nature of work
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