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Orientation Leader Training

No description

Chelsea Newsome

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Orientation Leader Training

Orientation Leader Training
Orientation Mission Statement
New Student Orientation at Utah Valley University facilitates the successful academic and personal transition of new students, and those who support them, into the UVU community. Through an inclusive and intentional process of related programs and activities. Orientation will familiarize students with the tools and resources available to help them achieve their academic goals, contribute fully to the social and cultural climate of the university, and understand the student responsibilities associated with completing their education.
1st Step: Remind Students
We will schedule a time for you to come to the office for texting and calling your students for reminders.
You will receive one hour for calling and texting the students and reminding them about Orientation.
Hand out telephone and text script; You must make the calls in the office.
9:00 A.M.- Welcome & The Four C's
10:00 A.M.: Mall Activity
12:00 pm: Hand Out Scripts
2nd Step: Orientation Tasks (Set-Up)
Orientation Arrival Time: 7:00 A.M.
Tasks: Tape Table Signs, Stick Orientation Paws up, Set up Backdrop, Parking Garage, Registration Table, Bags-Handout then store, Set-up Prize Bucket
3rd Step: During Orientation Tasks
During Booth Session: Door Cards, Booth Checker, Mingle, & T-Shirts from Cage
Mingle: to mix or combine or to associate in company.
You MUST mingle with your students.
We want our students to know you by the end! You must be able to approach your table.
First Year Experience and Student Retention Office
During Orientation: Sit with your students and
During Lunch/Dinner: T-Shirts, Veggie Meals, & Drawing
4th Step: Orientation Clean Up
Take Down & Order Table Signs
Clean Off Guest Tables
T-Shirt Clean Up
Check Cart
Check Ballroom

Events you NEED to Attend
All Orientations
2 misses per semester
Absences from class may cause a lower grade or incomplete final project
Hour Meeting (once a week)
2 misses per semester
Freshman Convocation
Job Requirements
Black Business-Style slacks with no holes
Orientation Leader Shirt
Nice Shoes that you can walk in
No jeans or leggings
Absences: You MUST give 2 weeks notice! Why?
Pictures: We will be asking you to take pictures throughout the tour that you can post on your blog.
What Skills do you think an Orientation Leader needs?
Good Communication
Knowledge of the Campus
A Sense of Humor
Team Player
Email & Text Checker and Responder
Here in the Office of First Year Experience & Student Retention we define success by each student who is able to connect meaningfully to their university experience in a way that helps them persist, and ultimately, to graduate. From the First Year Experience, New Student Orientation, and Freshman Reading Program, to Early Alert, and many other programs, we believe the programs we administrate truly do lead to student success, resulting in greater student satisfaction and retention.
Director: Marcy Glassford
Assistant Director of Student Retention: Tara Ivie
Assistant Director of FYE &Orientation: Martha Wilson
Programs and Admin. for Retention:
Graduation Completion
Retention Mentors
Admin. FYE & Orientation Student Focus
Orientation Program Manager: Chelsea Kocherhans
Orientation Coordinator: Cody K Brown
Orientation Coordinator: Jillian Bull
Orientation Leaders
Tour Tips
Do NOT make up an answer to a question
Use the questions we have on the note paper
Ask your students questions while on the tour and keep the energy going!
Do take pictures and be creative and fun!
If you see another Orientation Leader do not hit into them. Adaptability is key!
What's Next?
Tour Script
Summer Orientation Leaders
Must Sign up for CLSS 240R; Section 005 Tuesdays/Thursdays from 1:00-1:50 PM
11:00 A.M.: Discuss Mall Activity and finish presentation
Orientation Leader Mission Statement
The Orientation Leaders of Utah Valley University will integrate new students into the university academically, geographically, and socially. Through a defined and intentional process of outreach, relationship development, and peer leadership, Orientation Leaders will support and guide new freshman through their first year. Orientation Leaders will be the best representation of our university to the incoming freshman and their families.
Requests of absences should be sent 2 weeks prior to the absence for approval.
Appropriate Cell Phone Usage
Orientation Team Leads: Josh Tobler and Kristin Swain
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