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Yellow River Valley Civilization

No description

Connor Rethman

on 12 September 2010

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Transcript of Yellow River Valley Civilization

Yellow River Valley Civilization religion Buddha The two main religions of the Yellow River Valley Civilization were Confucianism and Daoism. Confucianism believes in respect by both the ruler and the ruled, self-control, and humility. Confucius Buddhism spread to many different civilizations (including the Yellow River Valley Civilization) by missionaries from Classical India. Buddhism was spread to many civilizations (including the Yellow River Valley Civilization) by missionaries in Classical India. Art Writing Social structure Government cities
The government was ruled by emperors that were often greatly influenced by experienced bureaucrats. Bureaucrats were also appointed to carry out the emperor's policies. Yellow River Valley Emperor The Yellow River Valley had three main dynasties: the Zhou, Qin, and Han. The territory that ancient China had increased with each dynasty. Map of the Han Dynasty In the Yellow River Valley Civilization, there were very tight family structures. The father was in charge and the mother was suboordinate. Ancient Chinese family In Classical China, there were three main social groups. There was the landowning aristocracy & bureaucrats, peasant farmers, and "mean people". Peasant farmers Classical Chinese art was very decorative and had precise detail. Artists also painted, carved, wove, and made pottery with various materials. The Great Wall of China was built during the Qin Dynasty in order to keep out invaders. The Great Wall of China was a great innovation in art and architecture. Chinese writing has very geometric qualities to their various symbols. ancient chinese calligraphy The qualities of the symbols are often reflected in Classical Chinese art as well. Paper was invented during the Han Dynasty in the Yellow River Valley civilization. Paper was a very important invention and greatly assisted with trade and the economy. Paper The ruler of classical china dwelled in the capital city. Early Chinese city It took over a month for a message from the capital city to reach all the other outlying cities. These cities did not have many monumental buildings due to the lack of a single religion. Chinese temple The only exceptions are the Great wall and a few imperial palaces and temples. By Connor Rethman Ancient Chinese Art
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