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Teens Living hiv positive

No description

ahymia hull

on 1 May 2017

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Transcript of Teens Living hiv positive

False information about the illness segregated people from one another because they know little about HIV/AIDS and the rumors continued to grow from peoples curiosity like:
Catching it from a swimming pool
Door knob
Toilet Seat
Eating after someone who has it
And/or being around someone who has it
Understanding HIV
HIV is an human Immunodeficiency Virus that causes diagnosed people immune system to become weaker and harder to fight against illness. Once a person finds out of their diagnosis the doctor or pediatrician finds out their viral load and T-cell count to figure out what kind of medicine to prescribe them
Most people who do not know much about this virus would say they mostly get the virus from having sexual intercourse but their are a lot of leading causes:
Blood Infusions
Using Unclean Needles(Tattoos...)
Being born with it
Being in contact with someone who has open cuts and wombs
Causes of Getting HIV/AIDS
False Rumors About HIV/AIDS
Teens Attitude Toward HIV/AIDS
Some teen look at the illness differently and more of a reason for a positive change in their lives and those surrounding them... It is more of a reason to start
living healthier
Advice more teens
start awareness movement for those who are silent
Challenges That Teens Face
HIV infected teens face many challenges with themselves like:
being afraid
having no family support
having thoughts of suicide
low self-esteem
feeling unwanted
Teens Diagnosed
Statistics show that 36.7 million people world wide are living with HIV/AIDS currently , but 1.8 million of them were children aged 15 years or older.
Teens Living HIV positive
Ahymia Hull
Looking At HIV More Positively
Many people are living healthy normal lives
growing to become older.
Being HIV positive can help reach out to others by increasing there knowledge
motivate those who are afraid to speak up and be heard
Is There A Cure ?
To my understanding there is not a cure but I believe that our doctors are trying their best to do what they can....but for now there is treatment
Are Diagnosed People Still "NORMAL"?
Having HIV does not make someone different...they are still normal people and can do all the things that uninfected people do. So I feel like people should not judge someone about what they have or separate themselves from an infected teenager.
Help & Support for Teens
Giving great advice
Listening to them
Helping them gain knowledge of their illness
Give them hope
Most importantly being there for them
Helping and supporting HIV infected teens can play a major role and be a relief in the lives of infected teenagers. There are plenty of ways to be supporting and a helper like:
HIV testing
Fight stigma
Start necessary conversations people need to deal honestly and effectively with the challenges they face
HIV awareness day for youth is on
April 10

it is intended to challenge society and organize and educate about HIV. This day helps promote
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Positive Out looks on Living with HIV
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