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Canada's political parties

No description

emma costley

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Canada's political parties

Canada's Political parties By Emma & Tielle Canada's Conservative Party Leader Canada's political party the conservatives leader's name is Stephan Harper. The Conservative Logo The local party representation for the Peace Country Region. Conservative Party's Beliefs Principals And Description Establish the Canada Student Grants Program for low- and middle-income students, part-time students with dependents and students with permanent disabilities. Strong support for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paraplegic Olympic Games. Established the Registered Disability Saving Plan [RDSP], to help Canadians with disabilities and their families to plan for the future. Provided through the Enhanced New Veterans Charter Act flexible options for receiving a Disability Award. The local representation for the Conservative Party, in the Peace Country Region is Chris Warkentin. The party leaders name is Michael Ignatieff. The Liberal Party Leader The Liberal Party Logo. Liberals stand for equality of opportunity. Liberals stand for true fiscal responsibility. Turning deficits into surplus. Growing our economy. Creating good jobs across the country. During difficult economic times, only the Liberal Party of Canada has a proven track record of competent, accountable and successful economic management. Liberals stand for a clean environment. The Liberal Party of Canada believes in the inter-connectedness of environmental and energy concerns and solutions. And we are committed to building a clean energy economy. Liberals stand for affordable access to post-secondary education. The Liberal Principals Values And Beliefs. The Liberal Party of Canada believes firmly that all Canadians deserve affordable access to education. Liberals stand for sustainable universal public health care. Liberals believe strongly that all Canadians deserve the same level of high quality and timely health care provided by an efficient, accountable, and sustainable public health system. Liberals stand for open, fair, and strong democratic representation. The Liberal Party of Canada believes that Parliament should belong to the people instead of the Prime Minister. Liberals are committed to exploring Parliamentary and Electoral reform in order to realign our institutions with democratic principles and to ensure more meaningful and effective representation. Liberals stand for an evidence-based crime policy. The Liberal Party of Canada believes in a smart on crime approach, targeting real criminals instead of our youth, to keep our communities safe. Liberals understand the need to consider ending the prohibition of marijuana and addressing the root causes of crime to see real results. The Liberals Values Beliefs And Principals. THE NDP Party Leader Jack Layton is their leader. This Is The NDP Parties Logo 1. Hire more family doctors and nurses;
2. Strengthen public pensions;
3. Kick-start job creation by cutting small business taxes and offering targeted tax credits for companies that hire in Canada;
4. Help out the family budget by capping credit card fees, taking the federal sales tax off home heating and unlocking cell phones; and,
5. Commit to working with other parties to end the scandals and fix Ottawa for good. The NDP Parties Values Beliefs And Principals This parties leaders name is Gilles Duceppe. The Bloc Quebecois Leader This Is The Bloc Quebecois Logo. Jennifer Villebrun is their local representative. The Local Representative For The NDP Party. Our nation has a national language French and Quebec’s language laws must be enforced right across Quebec, and that includes companies under federal jurisdiction. The Bloc Quebecois is clear: Quebec operates in French! Our nation’s unique culture is at the very heart of our identity, and the bond between Quebec and its creators goes far beyond a simple love of the arts. The Bloc Quebecois says loudly and clearly: hands off Quebec culture! Our nation has the right to freely develop an integration policy that is best suited to it. The Bloc Quebecois is not reluctant to say: Quebec must opt out of Canada’s multiculturalism policy, which does not promote the harmonious integration of newcomers into our society. tabling a new bill to ensure that Bill 101, which affirms the right of all Quebec workers to work in French, applies to companies of federal jurisdiction. Let’s talk French. ensuring that the French language is respected in all federal institutions. ensuring that the federal government increases its support for our culture and contributes to its development. Let’s talk culture. proposing the necessary measures so that the Canadian Multiculturalism Act does not apply to Quebec. Let’s talk identity. fighting tooth and nail so that Quebec’s rights are respected, particularly by fighting any and all federal interference in our fields of jurisdiction. opposing any decrease in the political clout of the Quebec nation. Let’s talk nation. Parlons Quebec. The Bloc Quebecois Values Beliefs And Principals. Elizabeth May it the green party leader. The Green Party Leader The Green Party faces the major threats of our time the climate crisis, economic instability, increasing militarism and a growing gap between rich and poor with clear-eyed realism. It offers practical solutions down-to-earth policies. We want to engage Canadians in the positive changes essential to providing a livable world to our children. smart economy It’s time for a smart economy: new jobs, fresh ideas, smart growth, and real prosperity. strong communities It’s time for strong communities: real options for families, clean air and water for everyone. true democracy It’s time for true democracy: every vote counts, and government is about bringing us together as Canadians.
The Green Parties Values Beliefs And Principals. This Is The Green Party Logo The leader is Blair Longley. An Obscure Party Of Canada Is The Marijuana This It The Animal Alliance Parties Logo Their beliefs values principals are legalizing marijuana and legalizing revolution.
Their logo is: The leader is Liz White. Another Obscure Party Is The Animal Alliance Party Animal Alliance Environment Voters (AAEV) Members of Parliament would advocate a vegan
lifestyle to save the animals and the environment and pr otect our health. AAEV Members of Parliament would promote reforming Canada’s agricultural industries and implementing
policies that would improve living conditions for animals, encourage small, humane, environmentally sustainable farms that would increase income and employment for farmers, protect public health, improve food quality and safety, and safeguard our environment.Our party stands for just and equitable human progress that respects, protects, and enhances the environment upon which we all depend and the lives of the animals with whom we share our world. We are North America's first environmental and animal protection political party. We are unique in the animal protection community in that we specialize in electoral politics. In particular, we campaign in elections in order to give environmental and animal protection issues the political relevance necessary to make governments proclaim sound and wellenforced environmental and animal protection policies, laws, and regulations. Canada’s Commercial Seal Hunt Animal Alliance Environment Voters (AAEV) Members of Parliament would promote ending Canada’s commercial seal hunts. To help commercial sealers, AAEV supports a license buyback program that would give sealers the financial resources and opportunities they need to secure improved, more stable, and more lucrative employment opportunities. Animal Alliance Environment Voters (AAEV) Members of Parliament would advocate for humane, environmentally responsible wildlife policies that would safeguard and expand wild lands, and defend wild animals and plants from commercial and sport consumptive exploitation and destructive wildlife management programs. Food Animal Alliance Environment Voters (AAEV) Members of Parliament would advocate for a national food policy that would promote high quality, healthy, safe accessible, affordable food based on humane and ecologically sustainable production practices.
Here Are Some Values Beliefs And Principals. Water Animal Alliance Environment Voters (AAEV) Members of Parliament would advocate for the creation of a comprehensive National Water Policy that establishes national drinking water standards --a policy that would recognize water as a human right, ensuring that all people living in Canada are legally entitled to safe, clean drinking water. Health Animal Alliance Environment Voters (AAEV) Members of Parliament would promote policies that would emphasize improving health and preventing diseases, including the promotion of an organic vegan diet and active lifestyle. Companion Animals Animal Alliance Environment Voters (AAEV) Members of Parliament would promote policies that would eliminate the commercial sale of companion animals, including exotics and promote adoptions through shelters and rescue organizations. Captive Animals Animal Alliance Environment Voters (AAEV) Members of Parliament would promote policies that would replace animals in captivity with virtual wildlife education and alternative learning programs.
This Is The Rest Of The Animal Alliance Parties Values Beliefs And Principals
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