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The 5th Wave

No description

John Temple

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of The 5th Wave

Why I chose this book.
5 Upper level vocabulary words.
Favorite scenes from the book
Thematic Statement
My first favorite scene is when the Others turn off the world's power. The reason why is because it was a major step towards the destruction of humanity.
My second favorite scene from this novel was when Cassie was shot in the knee. The reason why was because the book started losing action up until that part.
The thematic statement in this novel is that you should not take the simple things you have for granite. You may have something as simple as electricity and the next thing you know it might just be gone.
457 Pages. Published on May 7, 2013
By Rick Yancey
Cassie Sullivan
Describing the main character.
Identifying the book.
In the early pages of this novel, Cassie tells us that she has changed after the invasion. She has developed a theory or a rule that it is either kill or be killed. Throughout the novel Cassie is abandoned and alone, shot in the knee, starves and goes dehydrated for days, and yet she does not give into hopelessness, loneliness, or depression. She just keeps moving forward.

There are 457 pages in The 5th Wave and the people who would enjoy it would be older teens and people who favor books that are mostly Romanticism.
The author's purpose in writing this book might be because he wanted to show the weakness in humanity, or it might be because he was just feeling creative.
The 5th Wave
Cassie is on a search for her little brother, Sammy, which was taken by the Others earlier on in the novel. She dedicates her life to find him and them protect him. The reason why is because her mother, before she died, made Cassie promise to look after him.
I chose this book because I saw it in the library and it looked interesting, but also it was one of the first books I saw.
Attenuate-To make slender or small.
Tenuous-Thin in form.
Expletive-An exclamation or oath, often obscene.
Minutia-A small or trivial detail.
Replete-Well-stocked or abundantly supplied.
The Definitive Statement.
What I gained from reading this book is that it was a very interesting book and a good way to not be bored.
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