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"Singular and Plural Nouns"

Page 39

Kate Mikitka

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of "Singular and Plural Nouns"

Reference: page 39 Singular and Plural Nouns A noun that names one person, place, thing, or idea Singular Nouns "One tourist noticed a statue" Use it in a sentence! A noun that names more than one person, place, thing, or idea Plural Nouns "Many tourists looked at statues." Use it in a sentence! ***One of the hardest things about plural nouns is spelling them correctly*** Singular-


dream Rule: Add –s to most nouns Plural-


dreams Singular-


sandwich Rule: Add –es to a noun that
ends in s, sh, ch, x, z Plural-


sandwiches Singular-

photo Rule: Add –s to most
nouns that end in o Plural-

photos Singular-

hero Rule: Add –es to a few
nouns that end in o Plural-

heroes Singular-


Rule: For most nouns ending
in y, change the y to an i and add –es Plural-


Rule: When a vowel comes
before the y, just add -s Plural-

valleys Singular-


life Rule: For most nouns
ending in f or fe, change
the f to v and add –es or -s Plural-


lives Singular-

Rule: Just add –s to a few nouns
that end in f or fe Plural-




buffalo Rule: For some nouns, keep
the SAME spelling Plural-


Singular: man child foot mouse

Plural: men children feet mice
Irregular Plurals **You may work with ONE other classmate to complete the classwork** Practice In Language Network text book-pages 40 and 41 Exercise A Pages 34 and 35 in
workbook ALL exercises Homework **Will be checked for competition tomorrow!**
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