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Caitlyn H

No description

theresa Sauer

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Caitlyn H

Caitlyn H

Caitlyn Bell-scientist
nonrenewable renewable
Katelyn S.-safety e.
Electricity can hurt you by making your muscles get tight, making it almost impossible to pull away. Your lungs tighten and it makes it hard to breathe. It can cause your heart to stop and it can make your blood vessels constrict.
Trees can fall on top of power lines. If you touch a power line, it would shock you. Don't go near a fallen power line or you could get electrified.
Every house should have outlet covers so children don't poke things through unused outlets. Another devise you should have in your house is a ground fault circuit interrupter to protect against electric shocks where there is a lot of water.
Safety Checklist
check for broken wires and replace them if there are any
don't leave wires outside while it is raining
don't mess with plugs while the devices are on
don't let pets near electrical cords or they might chew on them
what is electricity
Electricity is one of the many kinds of energy. Electricity begins with atoms, which are really small. Atoms have protons and neutrons in their nucleus (center).
Where does electricity come from? Describe the circuit that electricity makes from the power plant to your home.
oil, gas,wood,coal, and nuclear power are power sources that make electricity or electrical energy. You normally hear of fossil fuel which is the most common power source. there 4 steps when the elctricity travels to your home. first, the electricity has to be made (normally at a power plant). After the electricity is made, it is sent through a transformer that increases the voltage so it can be sent long distances. When the electricity is near where it is going, it goes through a substation and decreases the voltage so the electricity can be sent over smaller power lines. The electricity enters the building in the service panel which is usually in the basement or garage.
How is electricity generated? There are many different ways electricity is generated. Solar energy is one of them and it comes from the sun. Fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and petroleum are other ones. Hydroelectric power is another way and it happens when water falls from higher places to lower places. Nuclear power is another way and it is made by fusion or fission. Wind power is another one that happens when the wind turns a turbine.
How does electricity travel through conductors? Materials that conduct electricity are called conductors. Copper is a conductor. Materials that don't allow electricity to pass through them are called insulators (rubber or plastic). When conductors conduct the electricity they allow it to flow freely.
How do insulators affect how electricity travels? Insulators help protect us from the dangerous effects of electricity flowing through the conductors.
In Greece a man experimenter mathematics that's name was Thales discovered that amber rubbed with fur attracted light objects.
fossil fuels coil oil natural gas
A German man experimenter named Otto Von Guericke built the first ever electric generating machine.
Ben Franklin conducted his famous kite trick experiment.He started the invention of electricity.
Volta most known for inventing the voltaic pile now called a battery .
Colonial Drake invented the very first oil well in Titusville,Pennsylvania
Thomas A. Edison invented the first light bulb.
606 million tones of carbon dioxide were released into the U.S just from producing electricity
Falling water turning turbines creates electricity.
Heat is released from splitting the atoms of uranium
the heat converts the water into steam which turns the turbines.A fossil fuel is found really deep in the earth ,and
is burned to make thermal energy.Most nonrenewable
resources are found deep in the earth most are burned to
create steam which turns turbines. Fossil fuels and other nonrenewable resources can create pollution.
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