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Achievement Booster: Aspirations - How values help you to make the right choices

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Student Coaching

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Achievement Booster: Aspirations - How values help you to make the right choices

Achievement Booster: Aspirations How values help you to make the right choices Through hard work and training, he had a miraculous recovery from his injuries, and two years after the accident signed up for an expedition to Everest.

Aged 23 he realised his dream by reaching the summit, he was then the youngest British person to conquer Everest. Reflective Learner Team Learner Independent Learner Creative Learner Learning focus: Be able to describe your own ideals, values and beliefs Self aware
Developer Determined
Organised Leader
Respectful Develop all these 16 learning skills to be successful What do you think guides your choices, makes you choose right or wrong?
What guides your decisions about your future? People are usually at their happiest, and most successful, when they are doing things that fit their values Can you see the hidden faces and animals in this picture? What are Values? They are things that are important to you. What are Values? They are your personal ‘code of conduct’. If one of your Values is to be 'Healthy'..... Now try drawing your Values Try to visualise your values through drawing, the quality of the drawing is not important.
Use colour, try to be bold and creative.
Cartoons and stick men are great! Add words or speech bubbles if that helps.
You can visualise more than one value in a single drawring. Discuss
Present Look at the drawing of your values and think about how you would describe, or tell someone, why these values are important to you.
Find someone you trust - a parent, another family member or a good friend and talk them through your values and how they fit with your choices for the future Are your choices about your future going to make you both happy and successful?
Will those choices fit in with your values? Your Values have a major impact on your happiness and success.
Here is how.... What are your values? It's what you 'value' that guides your choices Values are a bit like the things hidden in this picture.
You might not notice them at first, but look a bit closer and you'll see them!
All of us show our values through our actions, emotions and behaviour. Knowing your values helps you to understand the choices you make.
Making the right choices, for you, is key if you want to be happy and successful! Problem solver
Challenge seeker Spiderman says:
“It’s the choices that make us who we are.
We can always choose to do what’s right” ......would you 'choose' to eat these foods too often? Get some paper and a pencil.
Look at this list of values
Decide on which 5 or 6 values you think are REALLY, REALLY important to you.
Write down in pencil the values you’ve chosen. Are you sure about your choices or do you wish to change or add a value that wasn't shown? Look at these video clips of three famous people. If the answer is NO: then being 'healthy' is important to you, your value has guided your choice. If the answer is YES: then being healthy can't be very important to you, it can't be one of your values! Simon Cowell Princess Diana Diane Abbott MP Some other ideas that may help:
Passionate = Heart
Happy = Smiley Face
Respect= Two fists meeting
Courage/Bravery= Climbing a mountain
Safety= Padlock
Freedom= No jail (Some bars drawn and crossed through), or outside the bars
Different= Some grey faces then a orange coloured face
Healthy= Apple
Kind= helping someone across the road or nursing someone;
Strong= weights or weightlifter
Confident= Stick person performing to audience
Justice = scales Leader? Helpful? Competitive? Showing our values Make a note of which values you think they have
Here's a quick reminder of some values to look out for ......... Focus booster

Improve your focus by listening, making notes, asking questions and teaching others. Numeracy Learner Calculate
Convert Literacy Learner Literacy Numeracy Extension Activity Look very carefully............. Click this link to download your own copy of this evidence sheet http://www.studentcoaching.co.uk/LinkClick.aspx?link=Prezi%2fWork+Sheets%2fAchievement+Booster%2fEvidence+Worksheet+Aspirations+How+values+help+you+make+the+right+choices.pdf&tabid=1350&mid=5622
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