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Event Planner

No description

Samantha Nolen

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Event Planner

Meeting, Convention, and Events Planner How does an event planner relate to you?? Whether it was a wedding, educational conference, business convention, meeting or event, all of us have seen the work of an event planner. After extensive research,
I feel credible to share with you: What an event planner does What it takes to become an event planner Details about this career Fun Fact They coordinate all aspects of professional meetings and events. What does an event planner do? This Includes: Meeting with clients
Planning event time, location, program and cost
Soliciting bids from places and service providers
Inspecting venues
Coordinating event services
Conferring with on-site staff
Monitoring event
Reviewing bills and approving payment Bachelors Degree
Some Work Experience
Communication Skills
Computer Skills
Customer-Service Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Negotiation Skills
Organizational Skills
Problem-Solving Skills Qualifications Earnings Low - $27,090
Median - $45,260
High - $78,840 Sacrifices Long Hours
Irregular Hours
Some weekend work
Demanding Nature of the Work Incentives Job Outlook How does event planning relate to iComm? Associations Publications Convention Industry Council
Society of Government Meeting Professionals
Professional Convention Management Association
Meeting Professionals International Related Fields Administrative Service Manager $77,890
Public Relations Manager and Specialists $57,550 Food Service Manager $48,130 Lodging Manager $46,880 Travel Agent $31,870 This career is expected to grow 44 percent from 2010 to 2020 There are many job openings, but the occupation attracts more applicants than openings. Therefore, this career is very competitive. Most time is spent in an office Event planners travel regularly to attend events they organize and to visit potential venues The work can be can be fast-paced and demanding. Planners oversee many aspects of the event at the same time, face numerous deadlines, and orchestrate the activities of several different groups of people. bls.gov bls.gov bls.gov bls.gov bls.gov bls.gov bls.gov Weddings
Corporate Events
Birthday Parties for all Ages
Christmas Parties
Any Religious Events
Conventions / Meetings
Cocktail Parties
Dinner Parties
Backyard Parties Dances & Balls
Tea Parties
Block Parties
All types of Showers
Costume Parties
Surprise Parties
Single Parties / Mixers
Graduation Parties
House Parties
After Parties What else do you need to know? You can hire an event planner for: Fun Fact Event planners are in constant communication with their clients and event staff.

Some communication with clients and vendors is through email, so they must be able to clearly express themselves in writing. Social Penetration Theory:
Event planners need to get to know their clients on a deeper level in order to fully satisfy them in planning their event. education-portal.com eventplannersconsortium.com Planning an event can be hard work and very stressful, especially for those with other commitments. For this reason, you may need to hire an event planner sometime in your life.  Flexible Schedule
 Travel
 Recognition
 You get to be creative
 You get paid to make people happy and you watch them enjoy what you have created Despite my girly Prezi and outline, event planning is NOT just for girls! Director, Events & Entertainment: John Leach
Manager of Mascot Affairs
Mascot Manager
Senior Manager, Game Presentation & Entertainment
Game Presentation & Entertainment Coordinator
Manager, Event Presentation
Event Presentation Coordinator
Dance Team Manager
Producer, Media Production
Video Production Manager
Manager, Digital Media Production
Coordinator, Digital Media Production
Video Production Coordinator nba.com This is your Thunder Events and Entertainment team! Samantha Nolen
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