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Good morning A205!

No description

Shira Carroll

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Good morning A205!

Poetry Analysis
What is the Author's Message?

Do you think the author was successful?

What descriptive language did the author use to help you visualize?

What literary devices (figurative language) does this author use?
Social Studies Agenda
1. PA Map Intro
2. PA Maps
LA Agenda

1. Poetry Thursday!
2. My New Best Friend
3. Menu
Today's Menu
1. WS: Create new words
2. Read: Support your position about parents helping with homework. Cite evidence. Use at least one direct quote.
3. Write your own poem for next Friday
4. SSR/Sticky notes
5. Free Write

Good morning A205!
Today is a Fabulous Friday!

1. Unpack
2. Notes??
4. Copy homework
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