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Corey Fackin' Taylor

No description

Adam Cousins

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Corey Fackin' Taylor

Today I’d like to talk to you about Corey Taylor, the two bands he's in, and how he inspires me with his creative and also commercial success. Hopefully some of you will be inspired by his success by the end of this presentation.
By the age of 15 Corey was suffering from a drug addiction and had overdosed on cocaine twice, at 16 he moved out to go live with his grandma. (Younger Corey Taylor in the image behind, not sure how old.)
By the age of 18 Corey had bought his first guitar and from there taught himself to play, just under a year later Corey was out travelling all over playing infront of other people. He released his first album 'Stone Sour - Stone Sour' on August 27th 2002. This album mainly consists of Post-Grunge, Alternative Metal, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, pretty good to rock out to, although the message of the album isn't as strong as in his newer music, especially the stuff with Slipknot.
In 2003 Corey attempted suicide by trying to jump off the balcony of an 8th floor flat, he claimed his ex wife Scarlett pursuaded him not to but in an interview a few years back now said it was actually his friend Robert Haezart. Corey has previously attempted suicide several times and had also developed a drinking problem around this time. According to Corey it never impaired his ability to write music and play.
Since the early years of Corey's life his father was never present due to joining the Navy. Corey and his Dad started talking again after being called up just before a tour, they talked for 45 minutes and according to Taylor it was quite a heavy conversation. Apparently Corey's Dad was forced to stay out of his life. They developed a relationship but don't always talk due to them both working a lot of the time.
In 1997 Corey joined Slipknot as their new lead singer, 2 years after Slipknot was actually founded. Over the years Slipknot have been more and more daring to express their message in the newer albums they've released, a lot of their songs have quite a personal but sometimes worldly message.
Considering all of Corey's struggles throughout life I truly feel he is liked for his message and his courage to fearlessly express himself through his lyrics and image, he combined commerical and creative sucess together effectively hence the reason he is one of my role models.
I first started listening to Slipknot then discovered Stone Sour after, the way they express their vision of the world really changed the way I see things too, ideally in the future I'd like to start up a band similar to Slipknot but to be like Stone Sour at the same time, i.e from Metal to Acoustic. I think my next step is to meet Corey or go see him perform live.
Welcome to my presentation, I'm Adam and my profession is Graphic Design. During my free time I'm an art worker and currently working on improving my skill doing so. I use Twitter for my inspiration and find plenty their from sources such as 'Cruizine' and 'Vloop'. Below I have attached some of my work.
This is one of my newer pieces from this month,
based off a Chevelle SS.
This is my creative CV, it's a work in progress but I intend to finish it up so it represents me clearly and effectively.
My next idea is to have a mug with my branding on it and a PR code underneath the base for a link to my website, also adding a link underneath that.
This is my Graphic Design interview, I got it right on the second attempt at it and spoke reasonably well.
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