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duplicate solve


Joost Vanhecke

on 17 June 2009

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Transcript of duplicate solve

ideas for modular catalog Support of Jan Figel', European Commissioner Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart
'Cradle to cradle' presentation Wim De Vilder
600 people Award Winners international tradeshow for
productdevelopment, design & innovation an economic catalyst visualisation of innovation MARKETRESEARCH – DESIGN CONSULTANTS – INDUSTRIAL DESIGN STUDIOS – PROTOTYPING COMPANIES - PATENT OFFICES – RESEARCH INSTITUTES - BRANDING SPECIALISTS – ADVERTISING AGENCIES – PACKAGING DEVELOPERS - SOFTWARE VENDORS – CADCAM- … - MANUFACTURING SPECIALISTS - MATERIALS 154 entries from 110 companies 500 m² show during Interieur 08 8 minutes live on national TV (Eén)
4 evenings on business TV (Kanaal Z) 6-10 december
Kortrijk Xpo, Belgium ProductShow: introduction of new products Forum: lectures and presentations Development from A-Z 3 1 2 european year

recession: a boom for creative energy

design thinking: design as a verb expositions such as:
honoured company
design makes a difference
this is fake
breeding objects
sense ware

european innovation weeks
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