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Emily Frias

No description

Susan Baker

on 3 May 2018

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Transcript of Emily Frias

Nuer tribe
By Emily Frias
the nuer mostly live in South Sudan in the east upper Nile province.
the Nuer tribe
They depend/ live on the cattle. Nuer people are tall and dark. They are organized around the cattle as well.
historical facts
They began active migration about in the mid 1800s.
Oral traditions indicate that the Nuer have moved east of the Nile River only during the last 200 years
cultural and traditional facts
Women have to have six children.
Nuer build only temporary houses or shelters.
A marriage is not finalized until the bride has born at least two children.
flag of Sudan
Three equal horizontal bands of black, red, and green. A red band outlined in white, A blue triangle on left side contains a gold, five-pointed star.
Black represents the people of South Sudan, red is the struggle for freedom, green the verdant land, and blue the waters of the Nile. The gold star represents the unity of the states making up South Sudan".

The military conflict, the condominium with Egypt, the divided tribes.
homes of the nuer
They are surrounded by cattle.
They only build temporary houses usually made out of mud and rocks, sticks, and thatched roofs.
In the seasons where the river flows they move higher.
There are many different ways to dress in Sudan!
The men prefer loose robes of a pastel color. This is called "jalabiya".
They also wear a headdress, and shoes. The robe is ankle length, colorless, and long sleeve to be protected from the sun. The pale color reduces the sun's heat, the long sleeves prevent the sun and sand from the skin, and the loose fitting lets the skin breathe so they don’t sweat.
Women wear something called a “toob”.
It's a long wrap that covers a cloth long sleeve shirt.
It covers the entire body, it is made from lots of fabrics and can be and color, design, or pattern.
It's woman's choice to add accessories.
work cited
the nuer tribe

Stews,porridge,Gourrassa which is their main dish.
Moukhbaza is the most popular dish in the east.
Peanut butter, wheat, meat.
Kajaki is a popular stew.
Potatoes,Tabaldi,Aradaib, Karkhadi.

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