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The Alpha and the Omega

No description

Nick Muniz

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of The Alpha and the Omega

The Alpha and the Omega
Evidence on Design
The best evidence for design can be seen in and through nature and in the universe,and how it came to be. New studies that continue everyday,and continue to add to the discovery of new things in our universe,give us more intell on the universe
Does God Exist?
For people who believe that God does not exist, their strongest beliefs, are in science. They believe that their knowledge in science can say universe simply evolved over a long period of time.
Universe Theory
The newest solution to design in the universe is a belief in the multi universe theory.This theory requires one to beleive there are more than one universe in existence than all the sub atomic particles in the universe. Sub atomic particles created universe
Universe Theory
scientist believe that sub atomic particles were the reason the universe was created, and God had no part of it.
Subatomic particle
Laws on physics
The laws of physics must have values very close to those observed or the universe does not work "well enough" to support life. What happens when we vary the constants? The strong nuclear force (which holds atoms together) produces 0.7% of mass.
Creation of God
•A common objection to the "God hypothesis" is the problem of how God came to be. If everything has a cause, why does God get an exception?
Creation of God
•The problem with such reasoning is that it states that time has always existed. In reality, time is a construct of this universe and began at the initiation of the Big Bang.
Creation of God
A God who exists outside the time constraints of the universe is not subject to cause and effect.
Darwins theory on God
•Darwin asserted that different species originated by the extremely slow process of evolution. However, he knew that Genesis taught that God had created plants, animals and man by separate sudden commands.
Darwins Theory on God
•Both premises could not be true. So either his theory or Genesis was in error.
Existence of God
In the eyes of catholics today, God does exist. As humans, moral views show us that we earn our rights diectly from God. the story of creation, Genesis, is believed to be a direct reference to prove that God truly does exist.
Existence of God
evidence in todays world shows and describes and may testifie the existence of God. psalmist state only those who say gos does not exist, are fools, divine revelation comes with acknowledgement.
1. http://creation.com/darwins-arguments-against-god
4. http://mind.oxfordjournals.org/content/LVII/226/176.extract
In this testimony, Danny Guitierez, does believe in God, and says so because all his life his mother has taken him to church and told him the stories in the Bible and believes God created everything.
In this interview this senior does believe in God and says so because he had to come from somewhere and the earth had to be created by someone.
In this testimony Mr.Mcguire talks of an experience of where he was reading a book and wept for ten minutes in joy and believes it was Gods message or sign that he exists.
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