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Apollo Mission

Science Report

Kellie Scanlon

on 20 December 2010

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Transcript of Apollo Mission

Apollo 15 Crew David R. Scott Alfred M. Wordon James B. Irwin Back-Up Crew Pilot Command Module Pilot Lunar Module Pilot Richard F. Gordon
Commander Vance Brand
Command Module Pilot Harrison H. Schmitt
Lunar Module Pilot Mission Patch Objectives To Explore the Hardly-Apennine region To set up an active lunar surface scientific experiments July 26 to August 7 1971 To make engineering evaluations of new Apollo equipment To conduct lunar orbital expeiments and photographic tasks Facts 4th mission to land men on moon First flight of the Lunar Roving Vehicle,
allowed astronauts to venture futher from
Lunar Module than previous missions. Landed on the Moon Apollo 15 and 16 Launched at Kennedy Space Center on
July 26, 1971 at 9:34:00 am Landed August 7,1971 at 4:45;53 pm in the
Pacific Ocean Spent 295 hrs 11 mins and 53 sec in space Apollo 16 Objectives To explore and sample materials and surface features To set up and activate experiments on the lunar surface which would continue to relay data back to Earth after the crew returned To cunduct inflight experiments and photographic tasks Crew John W. Young Was on Gemini 3 and X, Apollo 10 and 16
And STS-1 and STS-9 Commander Thomas K. Mattingly II Command Module Pilot Was on Apollo 16 STS-4 and STS-9 Charles M. Duke, Jr. Lunar Module Pilot Mission Patch Backup Crew Fred Haise, Jr. Commander Stuart A. Rossa Command Module Pilot Edgar D. Mitchell Lunar MOdule Pilot Facts Launch-Kennedy Space Center, Launch Complex 39A at 12:45:00pm on April 26,1972 Fifth to land men on moon Splash Down at 2:45:05 pm on April 27, 1972 in the Pacific Ocean, 11 Days after launch They spent 265 hrs 51 min 5 sec in space Work Cited Apollo 15 www.nasm.si.edu/collections/imagry/apollo/AS15/a15mo.htm Apollo 16 www.nasm.si.edu/collections/imagery/apollo/AS16/a16.htm
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