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The Magic Thief Independent Book Project

No description

Victor Mai

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of The Magic Thief Independent Book Project

Sarah Prineas The Magic Thief Setting and Exposition The main character is Conn. He lives in the city of Wellmet. It is unknown when the story takes place. The city's magic is depleting rapidly and the city cannot survive without it. When Conn steals a ring from a man named Nevery, Nevery is intrigued by Conn and makes him his "apprentice". Rising Action Conn is taken to Heartsease and instead of being trained in magic, Nevery just makes him do chores. Later, Conn displays his aptitude in magic and Nevery sends him to the Academicos to learn more. Climax Falling Action After finding his locus magicalus, Conn thinks that Pettivox is working for the Underlord and follows him to obtain evidence. However, Nevery does not believe him. Soon after, Nevery finds out that Conn is related to Underlord Crowe and kicks him out. Resolution Conn searches for more evidence and finds out that Crowe is taking the magic and planning to hold the city hostage. Nevery and Conn go after Pettivox and Crowe. They destroy the machine which contains the magic and the magic is released. Nevery then gives Conn a robe with a the symbol of his family on it. Theme The theme is never give up. In the story, Conn was faced with many daunting tasks such as finding his locus magicalus and defeating the Underlord from holding Wellmet hostage. Conn never gave up even when the going got rough and pushed onward and eventually completed the tasks. Essential Question Is conflict an inevitable part of human nature? Conn searches all over Wellmet for the locus magicalus until he finds a stone on the Duchess of Wellmet's necklace. He tries to steal it. However he is caught and sent to the dungeon. Conn was later released. He got the stone and returned to the academy. Conflict is an inevitable part of human nature since someone always is ready to harm another for either greed or power. This is similar to Underlord Crowe and how he planned to hold Wellmet hostage by capturing the magic.
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