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Res Life Orientation Summer 2013

No description

Charity Seaborn

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Res Life Orientation Summer 2013

Care: Community: Diversity:Faith: Justice: Leadership:

these guide our actions and decision making that affects your experience on campus
What we're about...
Making Loyola Home

Meet the Team

Get Connected, Stay Connected

What You Need to Know & Bring
Don’t Wait! Get Involved!

RHA and Hall Councils

Hall and Floor Programs

Welcome Week

Campus Activities

Day of Service
Loyola University Chicago
Department of Residence Life

What we're about...
Let's hear from you!
What are you most excited about?

Benefits of living on campus
Meet the team
Resident Directors
Assistant Resident Directors
Central Office Staff
Learning Community Assistants
Resident Assistants
Desk Receptionist...
a work study opportunity
Applications available June 17th on our website
get connected, stay connected...
Academics come first!
Attend class regularly
Make study groups
Attend Office Hours
Meet faculty, staff and Jesuits

Get involved by attending some of the following events:
Start the Fire Retreat
Welcome Week
Convocation & Day of Service
Hall and Floor Programs
Hall Council and RHA
What you need to know,
What you need to Bring

Air-conditioning units
Any major appliances
Beds of any kind
Candles or incense
Drugs, alcohol, or any related paraphernalia
Halogen lamps
Pets (except fish, no larger than 2 gallon tanks)
Large sofas or other large pieces of furniture
Flammable liquids
Expensive Items
Move In Dates
Overnight Guests
Roommate Information
Each room contains...
The follow items are prohibited
Non-Loyola guests are NOT allowed during the first two weeks
After Labor day non-Loyola overnight guests of the same gender are allowed with their state ID and overnight guest pass
August 20-22, 2013
Extra Long Twin Bed
Desk with Hutch and Task Light
Closet or Wardrobe
Chest of Drawers

Campus Card Access
24 Hour Staffed Front Desk
Wireless Internet & Printing
Cable TV
Res Life Cinema
Lounge & Laundry Facilities
Vending Machines
Custodial & Maintenance

The Student Promise

Community Standards
Meal Plans
All access plans:
5 days a week with the option of ($350, $300, or $250 flex dollars)
7 days a week with the option of ($200, $150, or $100 flex dollars)
Dining Options
de Nobili Dining (all access)
Damen Residential Dining(all access)
Simpson Dining (all access)
Damen Food Court
Engrained Cafe (in San Francisco Hall)
Connections Cafe
Center Stage Cafe
LU's Deli (WTC)
Southside Market
full list available on our website:
Bed sheets – XL Twin
Refrigerators – under 4.2 cubic feet
Microwaves – under 800 watts
Removable Adhesive – wall decorations may not cause any damage to walls
Toilet Paper – for suite and private bathrooms
Computer – wireless and printing provided in building
State IDs (you and your guests)
Welcome to the Good Life!
You can join the Team too!
A good person to know
your RA
Roommate Request Deadline – July 12th
Room Assignments Emailed & Move In Dates and Times – mid-July
Each Building Provides:
Learning Community Experience
Additional Resources
Community Engagement
Create your own experience
text 37607 with 294738 and your question
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