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Right Understanding

No description

jessica price

on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of Right Understanding

1 Right Understanding
The meaning of Right Understanding is based upon acceptance. This is when you are accepting the things in life that do truly exist, for example suffering. You are required to see things are what they really are. In this photo below you will see a sign that says " welcome to acceptance. Enjoy your journey" meaning that no matter what may occur in life, you will always find a way to accept the things that will happen. There are no ways around any situation that does not involve your acceptance. You are meant to feel suffering and joy. This is just the way of life and because you only have one life to live, learn to accept the oppsticals that get in your ways.
2 Right Thought
The meaning of Right Thought is to cleanse the mind. This is when you replace the your wrong thoughts with right ones. Wrong thoughts can involve hatred and desire. Right thoughts can involve forgiveness and kindness. A major example of "Right Thoughts" is jealousy. Many people go through this phase in some point of there life whether it involves a boy or girl that their interested in or simple buy wanting an item a friend has. Jealousy can cause nasty thoughts but with forgiveness and kindness, you will be able to prevent these wrong thoughts. This will be considered as " Right Understanding". The picture below is an example of scenario.
3 Right Speech
The meaning of Right Speech is by eliminating all forms of swearing, lying and gossiping. Most, if not all the time, you must speak truthfully and kindly to others. Right Speech also means avoid saying any offensive words that a person can take to heart and harm them emotionally. To help you follow this example is by always thinking before you speak. The photo below shows a mouth in a cage. This shows how people need to be aware of what they say in public or to others. People need to be aware of making sure they say the right thing instead or gossiping and swearing.
4 Right Action
The meaning of Right Speech is by not cheating, stealing, murdering or doing any act of sexual conduct. You must always keep in mind that you must think before you act. If not, this can result into a negative affect brought upon yourself. By not doing any of these offenses, you will be following the Right Action. The photo below shows a sign pointing to the right decision and the wrong decision. This sign proves that if you follow the right decision, nothing can go wrong in any present or future events. You will not feel the emotion or guilt but instead the emotion of fulfillment.
5 Right Livelihood
The meaning of Right Livelihood is to earn a living through actions that would not harm another living being. Basically this would be by respecting one another. By respecting one another, you will be rewarded by being given a good life. The photo shown below is a picture showing a male and a female. By there facial expression, you can tell that they are happy with each other because they respect one another. Because of this, they both will be leading a great life. No harm is being shared between the both of them.
6 Right Effort
The meaning of Right Effort is by an individual that must work hard to get rid of the bad thoughts while working on building good whole some thoughts. If a person were to work hard on eliminating the bad thoughts that are occurring, they will eventually be rewarded with good thoughts in return. Note that this will only happen if an individual were to work hard on it. The photo below shows a young boy getting a "good effort" ribbon. This proves that if a person were to work hard on what they are trying to achieve, they will eventually get it. Hard work pays off
The meaning of Right Mindfulness is by always being aware on what you think, say and do. Be aware of your thoughts, your actions, and you feelings that you would be experiencing. Find your inner self. Be caution on what you say or do because if a negative act was made, the feeling of regret and disappointment can take over. Be mindful on what you say or do to other. You do not want to hurt them in any type of way. The photo below will show a caution sign because what you do to others can be dangerous in various types of ways. Treat others as you would want to be treated.
7 Right Mindfulness
Right of Concentration can be a form of mediation; concentration on a object in order to get rid or distraction. This can also allow one to see thing as they really are and thus gain enlightenment. In this path, you will be focus on a certain item to let go of stress or complications occurring in life. This is a time for relaxation and calmness. The photo below shows meditations. This man is letting go of all distraction and just focusing of the sound of his breath. This will relax the nerves and release the tension a individual may have.
8 Right Concentration
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