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The Circle by Dave Eggers

No description

Katie McAnnis

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of The Circle by Dave Eggers

My Review
Quote #1-2
Quote #3
“The flash opened up into something larger, an even more blasphemous notion that her brain contained too much. That the volume of information, of data, of judgments, of measurements, was too much, and there were too many people, and too many desires of too many people, and too many opinions of too many people, and too much pain from too many people, and having all of it constantly collated, collected, added and aggregated, and presented to her as if that all made it tidier and more manageable--it was too much" (179).
Mae Holland has just been hired by The Circle, the most powerful internet company in the world. She starts off ambitious and thrilled to start her new job, but after a series of events, she realizes that The Circles main purpose is to take away peoples privacy. This book turns into a suspenseful tale of what happens behind closed doors.
The Circle by Dave Eggers
My review was that this book related to real life companies such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. It seems that Dave Eggers was writing to the younger generation so they can see the consequences of joining and sharing every detail of their lives on social networks. The fact is that is book is a disturbing image of what could come of our behaviors with the internet and its consumption

“It's the usual utopian vision. This time they were saying it'll reduce waste. If stores know what their customers want, then they don't overproduce, don't overship, don't have to throw stuff away when it's not bought. I mean, like everything else you guys are pushing, it sounds perfect, sounds progressive, but it carries with it more control, more central tracking of everything we do” (436).
Mae Holland-(24) The main character who falls under The Circles spell and gives up all aspects of her privacy to please the company

Mercer- Mae's ex-boyfriend provides the counterpoint to the Circle’s deceitful ways

Annie- One of The Circle's elite group

Kalden- Seemingly nice coworker, turned romantic interest
The Circle takes place in modern day, or maybe even slightly in the future, on a campus in California, much like the Google campus in the movie The Internship. The campus includes a picnic area, tennis courts, clay and grass, organic gardens, and constantly has famous musicians playing on the lawn.
“Secrets are lies. Sharing is caring. Privacy is theft.”
Quote #4
“But I'm a believer in the perfectibility of human beings. I think we can be better. I think we can be perfect or near to it. And when we become our best selves, the possibilities are endless. We can solve any problem. We can cure any disease, end hunger, everything, because we won't be dragged down by all our weaknesses, our petty secrets, our hoarding of information and knowledge. We will finally realize our potential" (329).
by: Katie McAnnis
Weird Facts..
Dave Eggers knows nothing about technology, doesn't have a facebook nor twitter and claimed to not of “read any books about any Internet companies, or about the experiences of anyone working at any of these companies.” Also: “I’ve never visited any tech campus, and I don’t know anything in particular about how any given company is run.” Therefore, some criticism is that it lacks believability.
"The era of false identities, identity theft, multiple user names, complicated password and payment systems was over" (Eggers 21).
"TruYou changed the internet, in toto, within a year" (21).
"Why would any non-porn sit want anonymous users when they could know exactly who had come through the door?" (22).
Most TruYou users, most internet users who simply wanted simplicity, efficiency, a clean and streamlined experience, were thrilled with the results" (22).
To Love It..
One must no little about technology

One must hate social medias sites
Then, you will love it!
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