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Hannah Wynn

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Thanksgiving

By the Swallow Union Student Council
Giving Thanks Throughout the World
Our national holiday stems from the feast held in the autumn of 1621 by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag to celebrate the colony's first successful harvest.
Families and communities come together on October 4 to celebrate the season and tradition. The celebration includes music, games and a feast.
La Festa Del Ringraziamento
Chuseok - Harvest Festival
Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
The 1621 feast between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag. Do you know what they ate at the first Thanksgiving Feast?
The main food of Chusoek
The festival occurs around harvest time between May and August. During the harvest, women dig up the yams, the country's main crop, saving the best yams for the festival dinner. Celebration includes marching down roads and streets beating drums, chanting, face painting, singing and traditional dances.
Ghana's Homowo Festival
Antipasto with mixed nuts, artichokes, and fresh cheeses are popular.
This day of thanks in late September and early October is one of Korea's three major holidays. It's a time for families to share food and stories, and pay respects to their ancestors.

Made from rice kneaded into little cakes and filled with red beans, chestnuts, or other ingredients.
The feast is laid out in honor of the deceased.
The family enjoys the feast after a memorial service and, usually, a trip to the graveyard.
This yam harvest celebration in a coastal region of Ghana, is meant to commemorate a period of famine in the Ga people's history.


The word "homowo" means "hooted at hunger," which is what their ancestors did during times with little food..
Homowo (hooting at hunger) is one of the colorful festivals celebrated by the people of Ga.
Home-made pasta, either ravioli or spaghetti, with home-made sauce (sometimes called gravy), is also an important part of the meal.
Italian cookies, cannoli, zepolli are sweet treats served for dessert.
Top 10 Thanksgiving Foods

10. Corn
9. Dinner Roll
8. Mashed Potatoes
7. Green Been Casserole
6. Sweet Potatoes
5. Cranberry Sauce
4. Gravy
3. Turkey
2. Pumpkin Pie
1. Stuffing

family and friends come together and harvest crops for the festival.

people give thanks for the harvest, or for their friendships

people ask for long life and for a good future
The Festival Celebrates 3 Major Concepts
Held on the night of the full moon between early September to early October
Sharing Food With Friends and Relatives
Homowo Festival
History of Homowo Festival
The Homowo ritual of the sprinkling of mashed yams is for the gods and ancestors, hoping for spiritual protection.
Swallow Union Food Drive
In the past 4 years, Swallow Union has collected thousands of pounds of food for the Merrimack Valley Food Bank.

But, What is the Merrimack Valley Food Bank?
venison (deer meat)
lobster & clams
berries & fruit
pumpkin, and squash.
Football games
Visiting family
Macy's Day Parade
in New York City
Modern Day Thanksgiving Day Traditions include:
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