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H & SC - BTEC Level 3, Unit 9, Values and planning

session 3

Wendie Martin

on 8 March 2017

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Transcript of H & SC - BTEC Level 3, Unit 9, Values and planning

Values and Planning in Health and Social Care
Today we are going to:
1. Review last session
2. Discuss dilemmas in health and social care settings.
3. Define discrimination. Types of discrimination
4.Case study Jim - support plan - multi-disciplinary team.
5. Discuss your assignment.
Task 1

Last week:
- Discussed the principles that are in place to ensure service users' values are catered for.
- Explained the importance of the key principles when caring for service users.
What are dilemmas in care?
Work in pairs. 5 min
Let's find synonyms for the word 'dilemma'.
What is a dilemma?
Give examples of dilemmas in health and social care.
10 min activity:
Split in two big groups. (Gr 1 and Gr 2)
Take a piece of paper.
Watch the video.
Gr 1 write down reasons for keeping the oxygen mask on.
Gr 2 write down reasons for taking the oxygen mask off.
'Multidisciplinary team' and 'agencies':

Take a post it and write 1 thing you remember from last week!!!!
Case study: Jim
In your groups, read the case study. Discuss:
1.What is bipolar illness?
2.Identify the professionals who would be part of a multi-disciplinary and inter-agency team working with both Jim and his family.
3.Devise a support plan that would support Jim in his transition.
4.Whose rights, wishes and needs must be paramount? How can the members of the multi-agency team make sure that Jim’s rights are protected?
. What is it?
unfair treatment of a person or group of people on the basis of prejudice

What groups of people can be discriminated against? Let's make a list!
Protected characteristics:
Religious backgrounds
Sexual orientation - includes same sex marriage.
Pregnant women
Young people too.
Gender reassignment.
The Equality Act 2010: The Equality Duty.
Assignment brief unit 9.
Task 1. Hand in date!
The trolley problem.
Recap previous session's.......
1) In groups can you mind map what you have learnt so far.......
2) In pairs join the key words to the description.......
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