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The book of my life!

No description

Jeff Steinman

on 14 March 2015

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Transcript of The book of my life!

The book of my life!
mama's little angle
im here at the gate that's bright and shiny will always be here watching over you i love you i want you to know that just cause im not there im still with you and i WILL always love you you are my pride and joy your mama's little angle.
whisper in the wind!
I am standing in the wind waiting for you. you said you would be there before the clock stroke 12 and before the wind starts up well I am waiting here down below in the ground ground right at the spot you told me to wait but you never came but there's more girls here in the cold hard ground you cold blooded murder that only cares about one thing....
The game
I sit stand and wait and wait i start to judge weather or not its gonna be late as i get up too leave i see it there in the greens under the spruce tree its time for the hunt/game to begin to go and hunt for my feelings again.
i hear the referee say shake hands but i don't feel it all i think is how i will impress every one some how some way but as i come back i am already down as if i was in a whole other place but its my time not yours i will be the star cause im a girl that has taken you down before
Friends are supposed to be there to help you but not these kind of friends they use you abuse but you don't relies that until you step foot in high school they run off and leave you there in the hot muggy hallways of new faces that's when i awake up the dream of life.
my heart
you act like you don't have a heart when every one and everything does you have one thing that no one can take from you your pride and hope and joy and where does that come from that comes from that thing that goes bump,bump,bump
your heart always remember that.
By. Riccisue Rayta
every one has there friends that live around them but then all my friends live elsse where but my best friend live down in new york city
i see i feel i touch evry one says that's a part of love but no its not in my eyes it trust and friend ship like if you wouldn't date your best friend then don't date but who cares its only love
day the music dies
the day music dies the world will stop and think about the songs life wont be life any more it would be much much different
snow so beautiful and light
it dances all night
as if thinking theres hope in life
i hope that someday
some one will work there butts off
and not be o beast
o beast people!!
you left me here to fend for my self like baby turtles not knowing whether or not there gonna die and not see any thing other then a crab pulling it to pieces well that's how i felt when you left in 05
hard not life
i see you there standing in front your knees shaking like a hurricane your tie not straight or you not matching you try to hide it but i can see it in you your worried about what your going to say next to class like the very first day of school when you said hello im Mr. aldrich
the very first day
i hate when you act like no one cares about you about your life well trust me i do i love to hear about your life it may be stupid to others but to me all of you are my family and i d know what i would do with out any of you guys in it.
you matter
every one says you know some one so good well its like the back of your hand or your room or a hurricane you don't know them that well because they always change your hand grows your room might get painted or a hurricane could changes its cores e so fast.
no tittle
its twinkling like the water but its colder then the summer i wait all year to see you again to play with you from November till April some times i bet now you know what im talking about but i will never tell you
i see you standing there you act like you don't know me but i know you, you dont see me but i see you you feel like youbeing watched you are im watching from above i see every move you make just remember mama is always watching you
moon light
i See it shinning not giving a care watching kids and robbers at night sneaking and scurrying all about but when they see it cross over the moon they know its time to go to there room and wake in the morning to see the presents under the tree and the milk and cookies and carrots gone

i wait there for you to come back for me like you promised you said you never would leave but you left me there in that room but when i drive by that places memories come flooding back to me
i see you standing there waiting for your love and getting ready for what love is going to really be about not fun but hard and will never be what you thought it would be
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