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Mobile Apps for CPS EH&S

No description

Brian Vos

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Apps for CPS EH&S

Mobile Apps for CPS EH&S
What would be a great App?
What devices do you have and use today?
What do you do everyday that would be helped by an App?
Data entry
What key information do you have to provide per location that could be easily recorded in an App?
Scheduled reporting
Sign offs
How could our branches contribute to EH&S efforts through Apps or other technology?
Send in photos
Fill out forms
Thank you
The Web Team will drink as much coffee (and company kool-aid) as it takes to deliver robust mobile solutions to the CPS Enterprise.
Record and enter data
Today there is a mix of paper forms and applications that require data entry.
Many times a paper form needs to be re-entered into an application so that it can show up on the correct reports.
For today
- Manage compliance for locations
Observed conditions / events
Quarterly reporting
Annual sign offs and verification
House keeping forms
- Evaluate locations for acquisition
Report on observations, assets and work needed
Mobile Apps
CPS Apps today
Email access via phone or tablet (Active Sync)
CPS Mobile and other agronomy apps
IOS Apps focused on Agronomists and sales cycle
CPS Mobile has some connection with ARS
None are fully connected with CPS systems or data
None are currently built or maintained by CPS IT
The CPS Web Department is working on an infrastructure that will allow for CPS IOS Apps to be connected to our data and network
Who do we call on for Apps?
The CPS Project Management Office (PMO) is creating a new process for on-boarding IT projects.
Lisa Sheakley will keep Billy informed of the process changes and make sure people know how to start it when appropriate.
Start gathering ideas now (starting today).
A strong vision of what to start on and where to head will help the project get started and move forward.
Once defined the CPS Web Department will create the solutions for your devices.

Can I carry a small easy to boot
device that's connected to the
internet instead of a laptop?
Can there be an app for this?
Can the app just know where I am?
Can I just upload a picture from my phone?
Can I enter data just once when I'm at a location?
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