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finalpresent EL395


kssr krxx

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of finalpresent EL395

present by kssr What does an Art therapist do? Art therapy Unit 2.....
Innovation in health and medicine Hello !!
Academic English 2 We are CS@TU Thx for watch Innovation in health mean?
Chatpon kongudom
Sirapat netlakorn
khathawut jitnarak
Bussarin noipeng Ourteam Therapy There are many types of therapy Gene therapy Oxygen therapy videogame
therapy Mirror therapy Music therapy Definition:
Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses
the creative process of making art to improve
a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Who can use art therapy Anyone can use art therapy. Art therapy can effectively treat people of all ages. Anyone from groups or communities to individuals to familes to people in all sorts of relationships can use art as therapy. •People under lots of stress or pressure may use art as therapy. •Someone who has mental health problems uses art therapy. •Someone who believes they are problem-free and simply would like to explore themselves more deeply can besomeone who uses art therapy. •Someone with learning disabilities or difficulties can use art as therapy. •Children or young adults having problems in school can use art therapy. •People with more serious issues can make use of art therapy…For example, people with autism, brain injuries, eating disorders, cancer, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, etc. As you can see,
anyone can use art therapy.... Many art therapist work with client who have damaged by flooding. Schools..? Nursing homes... Hospital... Community mental
health centers Prisons... Child life programs... Shelters... Special schools... About Art Therapy Curriculums & Programs Some common art therapy courses and programs include:
•Art Therapy Methods
•Art Therapy Foundations
•Understanding & Working with Images
•Art Therapy & Self Image
•Group Art Therapy
•Art Therapy & The Creative Process
•Trauma Treatment
•Materials & Projects
•Transformations Art therapists are trained in therapy and art. They have studied and mastered psychology and human development. Art therapists typically have a clinical practice of some sort. They are masters in this niche when it comes to using art as a springboard for everything from a general assessment of another person’s state to treatment for a serious illness. Art therapists can work with people of all ages, sex, creed, etc. They can help an individual, a couple, a family, or groups of people. Depending on the situation, there may be numerous art therapists working together as a clinical team. Benefits of Art therapy...? While therapy and psychotherapy in general have many benefits, the concept of art therapy has proven to be successful in various ways that differ from traditional therapy practice. There are various uses for art therapy with regards to healing, but the benefits may surprise you if you’ve never heard of art as a form of therapy. In Conclusion - mental - emotional - physical Our Project is.. Cs@TU cs@TU
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