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Accuracy and Timing in Dance

For Year 9

Sarah Hayes

on 28 September 2014

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Transcript of Accuracy and Timing in Dance

Today's 2 skills we will be focussing on are...
Accuracy and Timing
Are the dancers:
in time with the music?
in time with each other?
performing accurately?

Learning a Set Sequence
What I'm Looking For:

Accuracy of movements
Timing with the music
Timing with each other
On your post-its, write:
A definition of accuracy
A definition of timing

Work in twos!

When you have done, come and stick them on the board
Actions exactly the same as they were taught
All dancers doing exactly the same actions
Extending all limbs, hands and feet
Each action is performed on its set beat
All dancers take the same amount of counts to perform an action
The speed of actions relates to the speed of the music
How do we make sure we perform accurately and in time?
Make sure you know exactly
what each action is when
learning the sequence
Make sure each action
has set counts
Identify the beat
in the music
Accuracy and Timing
Accuracy and Timing
Why do we need these skills?
Accuracy and timing help professional dancers to work as a
team or a unit
and make a dance flow
. They also make sure a dance is
not messy

and doesn't look
Musicality - dancing to the timing and phrasing of a piece of music
Working with other dancers - keeping in time with others
Technical skills - co-ordination, control and attention to detail
Dance Competitions
In a ballroom competition, if a couple is out of time they are placed last no matter how good the technique or performance was
Ghost Dances
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